On Running Speed in Vibram Fivefingers: A Post by Matt from Run Luau Run

My buddy Matt, author of the Run Luau Run blog, just put up an interesting post in which he discusses the issue of performance as it relates to his personal experience running almost exclusively in the Vibram Fivefingers shoes. Matt is one of the most experienced minimalist runners that I know, having run well over […]

An Evolutionary Runner on the Runner’s World "Other Voices" Blog

Wanted to direct you to a post that I just had published on the Runner’s World “Other Voices” blog titled “An Evolutionary Runner.” Other Voices is “a platform where those outside the Runner’s World family have a chance to blog about, well, anything they’d like to blog about.” Naturally, I decided to write about being […]

Running-Related Thoughts on a Trip to Boston

Image via Wikipedia I spent the past 3 day in Boston on a short vacation with my family, and surprisingly, the one thing that I didn’t do at all was run. This trip was about having fun with my wife and kids, and exploring a city that has been a part of my life since […]

What is Nike Doing?: Speculating on a Shoe Market in Motion

It’s been a rather interesting couple of days here on Runblogger. Yesterday, after I published a review on a remarkable study in the British Journal of Sports Medicine that looked at the efficacy of pronation control shoes in preventing pain and injury in runners, Christopher McDougall published a post of his own on the same […]

Ultrarunner Hal Koerner’s Thoughts on Minimalist Running

What’s your take on minimalism now that it’s back in style? Coming from someone who has a running store and looks at product, I think it’s pretty awesome that the industry can continue to innovate and go after something like that and push the envelope and question how is the best way to run and […]

The Pronation Control Paradigm is Starting to Crumble: Review of a Study in the British Journal of Sports Medicine

Image via Wikipedia When you walk into a running shoe store, you are typically faced by a wall of colorful, “high-tech” shoes that are neatly grouped into three categories (sometimes four if “cushioned” is included as a distinct category). These categories are: neutral, stability/support, and motion control. How do you choose which shoe is right […]

New Balance Minimus: Picture and Further Details

I’ve seen a lot of rumors on-line lately about a soon-to-be released minimalist shoe from New Balance called the New Balance Minimus. Just saw a thread on the Runner’s World barefoot running forum that linked to a site called Counterkicks that has an interview with NB shoe designer Kyle Strek. Included in the post is […]

Dathan Ritzenhein Switches from Heel to Midfoot Strike: "I think I’m more efficient"

Image by Getty Images The topic of running footstrike is a hot one right now in the running community. While it’s admittedly just a single element of the overall running gait, it’s one that runners have latched onto because of it’s apparent relationship to footwear (e.g., heel height, cushioning, etc.), and it’s one of the […]

Running Minimalist to Escape Injury: A Post by Sean Fillner on the dailymile Community Blog

I’d like to point you to a post on minimalist running that I just edited and posted to the dailymile Community Blog. Like many minimalisters, Sean Fillner came to minimalist running because he found that it was the only way that he could run without pain. In the post, he tells his story of becoming […]

Inov-8 Baregrip 200 Preview: Minimalist Trail Runner from Inov-8

Inov-8 is a shoe manufacturer from the UK that has been very supportive of the minimalist running movement. In an article on their website, Inov-8 states the following: “Barefoot and minimalist running certainly isn’t for everyone and inov-8 believes that there is a middle ground. As a specialist off road running brand, inov-8 recognises that […]