RIP: The Gravity Defyer Sperm Logo

A good logo can do a lot for brand recognition. When it comes to shoes, iconic logos like the Nike swoosh or adidas stripes are instantly recognizable, and more than a few shoes are sold simply because of the cool-factor associated with their presence. On the other hand, a bad logo can leave a brand […]

Skechers GoMeb Speed 3 Review

Among the Skechers Performance lineup of shoes, my favorites have been the GoRun and GoBionic models (unfortunately the latter is being discontinued). I ran in the GoRun Speed 1 and 2, but the shoe was not a great match for me. A little too narrow, a little to firm under the heel for long distances, […]

Saucony to Abandon the 12mm Lift Model: Big Move From one of the Big Players in the Running Shoe World

Last Wednesday I was invited along with several other bloggers to participate in a conference call with representatives from Saucony. The group we spoke with included: Pat O’Malley, Head of Footwear Spencer White, Head of our Biomechanics Lab Chris Mahoney, Senior Designer Sean Robbins, Digital Marketing Manager I’d spoken to Sean before, and have interacted […]

Chinese Foot Binding: Interesting Stories from NPR

Image via Wikipedia I’m often amazed by the degree to which we humans will put fashion before function when it comes to both our feet and our footwear. A few days ago my friend Mark Cucuzzella forwarded me a link to an NPR article about the film adaptation of the book “Snow Flower and the […]

Salomon S-Lab: Cool Video Featuring Kilian Jornet and his Custom Shoes

Saw this video awhile back on the Zero Drop blog – gives an inside look at how shoes are custom made for elites. I need to start training harder so that I can warrant my own custom last…

Brooks PureProject – Marketing Gone Awry

Brooks has made a splash over the past few weeks with the announcement of their PureProject line of running shoes (set to be released this Fall). While I applaud the arrival of more choice for runners from yet another shoe company, something just isn’t sitting right with me regarding Brooks’ approach to unveiling these shoes […]

Saucony is Hacking Heels Again: Fastwitch 5 is Going to 4mm Drop

Saucony is making news once again on the low-profile shoe front. I’ve received a few messages from readers over the past few days about a video on the Running Warehouse website featuring the upcoming Fastwitch 5 lightweight training/racing shoe. In the video, a representative from Saucony confirms that they have dropped the heel in the […]

What is Nike Doing?: Speculating on a Shoe Market in Motion

It’s been a rather interesting couple of days here on Runblogger. Yesterday, after I published a review on a remarkable study in the British Journal of Sports Medicine that looked at the efficacy of pronation control shoes in preventing pain and injury in runners, Christopher McDougall published a post of his own on the same […]

Heel-Toe Drop or Offset: What Does it Mean in a Running Shoe?

The recent explosion of interest in minimalist running shoes has brought along with it an interest in specific shoe design features that probably rarely crossed the mind of most runners just a year ago (before the publication of Born to Run by Christopher McDougall got people thinking about these kind of things). One of these […]