About Runblogger and Pete Larson

Pete at the HAT Run 50K

Pete at the HAT Run 50K

Runblogger is edited and authored almost exclusively by Peter Larson. I’m a husband to a wonderful wife, a father of three awesome little kids, a recovering academic, and a rather obsessive runner with a major shoe problem!

This site was launched in early 2009 as a place for me to share my thoughts on a wide variety of topics. However, I became hopelessly hooked on running and slowly found my writing focusing more and more on topics related to the sport. As a biologist, I developed an interest in running science, and a bit of an obsession with running shoes and running form. I began accumulating running shoes and writing reviews of them, and the site started to take off.

I now consider writing Runblogger to be my primary job, and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

For the quick summary of who I am and what I do, continue reading, for a more in-depth history, read this.

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Pete Larson at Craftsbury

Gait Filming at Craftsbury

Pete’s Professional Background

I earned a Ph.D. in biology at Ohio University in 2003, and worked for 10 years as an anatomy professor at a small college in Manchester, New Hampshire. I left that job in Spring 2013 to pursue my passion for all things running full-time. I currently work as a writer, running coach, and a running gait analyst and exercise physiologist at Performance Health Spine and Sport Therapy in Concord, NH.  I consult regularly with shoe companies on product reviews and testing, and do a bit of work in footwear development.

Pete’s Running Background

Since 2007 I’ve completed nine marathons (including Boston), one ultramarathon, and numerous shorter distance races (you can view my entire race history on Athlinks). I’m currently a member of Team Wicked Bonkproof, a group of like-minded runners led by Coach Caleb Masland. I do a bit of coaching myself, including co-coaching beginner and intermediate 5k programs through the Concord Recreation Department, and I’m a staff coach at the adult summer running camps at the Craftsbury Outdoor Center in Craftsbury, VT.

Race PR’s:
400m – 64 sec (2013)
5K – 18:51 (2008)
4 Mile – 25:55 (2010)
5 Mile – 34:25 (2008)
10K – 44:22 (2007)
10 Mile – 1:12:17 (2009)
13.1 Mile – 1:27:36 (2012)
26.2 Mile – 3:15:21 (2010 – BQ)
50K – 5:52:48 (2011)

Running the Smuttynose Half

Running the Smuttynose Half

Pete’s Writing

In addition to what I post here on Runblogger, I’ve also written a book and have had articles published in both scholarly journals and popular magazines. Below is a list of my off-blog writings on running-related topics.



Academic Articles

Larson, Higgins, Kaminski, Decker, Preble, Lyons, McIntyre, Normile. 2011. Foot strike patterns of recreational and sub-elite runners in a long-distance road race. Journal of Sport Sciences 29(15):1665-1673.

Larson, P. 2012. Foot strike in runners: Influence on injury risk. Lower Extremity Review, June 2012.

Popular Press Articles

Runner’s World Online: An Evolutionary Runner

Running Times Magazine: Facts on Foot Strike


In addition to my own writing, I’m fortunate to have been interviewed by both media outlets and fellow content producers in the on-line world. If you are interested in interviewing me or having me write an article for your publication, send me an email with specifics. Here’s a selection of my interviews:

Written Interviews

Runner’s World On-Line: Brief Chat: Peter Larson, Form Book Author

Examiner.com: Dr. Peter Larson shares healthy-running tips in book ‘Tread Lightly’

University Affairs: Interview About Leaving Academia to Become a Blogger

Podcast Interviews

Trail Runner Nation: So You’re a Heel Striker – It May Be OK!

Geeks in Running Shoes (12, and 3)

Run, Run, Live: Pete Larson, Tread Lightly

The Runner’s Round Table: (Running Form 1Running Form 2Marathon Training)

Other Media

Pete has also been interviewed by journalists for articles published in Runner’s World Magazine, Runner’s World UK, Competitor Magazine, Triathlete Magazine, Running Times Magazine, Men’s Health Magazine, Women’s Health Magazine, SELF Magazine, The New York Times Magazine