Shorter, Quicker Stride Reduces Impact on Knees and Hips: New Research From Dr. Bryan Heiderscheit of the University of Wisconsin

Image via Wikipedia One of the major arguments posited by many for running barefoot or in minimalist shoes is that doing so reduces the likelihood of injury. However, although I trend toward minimalism in my own shoe preferences, I’ll be completely honest and admit that no study has confirmed that barefoot/minimalist running in fact reduces […]

Dathan Ritzenhein Switches from Heel to Midfoot Strike: "I think I’m more efficient"

Image by Getty Images The topic of running footstrike is a hot one right now in the running community. While it’s admittedly just a single element of the overall running gait, it’s one that runners have latched onto because of it’s apparent relationship to footwear (e.g., heel height, cushioning, etc.), and it’s one of the […]