Running Podcasts: Two Interviews With Physical Therapist Jay Dicharry

I’m flying out to Portland, Oregon on Tuesday for a footwear insights meeting hosted by Merrell, and one of the reasons I’m excited about it is that I get to hang out again with my friend Jay Dicharry. Jay is a physical therapist who recently made a jump from heading up the gait lab at […]

Podcast: Mark Cucuzzella on Trail Runner Nation

My good friend and fellow natural running advocate Dr. Mark Cucuzzella was recently interviewed on a podcast over at Trail Runner Nation. Mark covers a great deal of ground in the hour-long interview, but perhaps the most important point that he makes is that despite all of the sound and fury of the great footwear […]

Podcast: On Shoes, Form, Injuries and More with the Geeks in Running Shoes

Quick post to direct you to a podcast interview that I did last night with my friends Jason and Ray over at Geeks in Running Shoes. We cover a lot of ground, from why Kenyan’s are dominating distance running to why runners will always get injured, and I talk a bit about the book that […]

Elements of a Sustainable Runner: Panel Discussion on Injuries, Training, Form, and Footwear from the Newton Running Retail Summit (Audio and Video)

As I mentioned in my previous post, Newton Running was kind enough to invite me out to Boulder, Colorado to serve on a panel tasked with discussing the “Elements of a Sustainable Runner.” In addition to myself, panelists included Danny Abshire of Newton Running, Blaise Dubois of The Running Clinic, ironman world champion and ultrarunner […]

Diane Rehm to Interview McDougall, Pribut, and Burfoot on July 12

Just a quick post here, and sorry for the short notice. Christopher McDougall, Steven Pribut, and Amby Burfoot will be on the Diane Rehm show on NPR tomorrow, July 12, at 11:00 AM. The show is titled “Running in America”, and the description from the Diane Rehm Show website is as follows: “Millions of Americans […]