Nike Sneakerboat II: Potential Minimalist Running Shoe from Nike?


A few months ago I was reading through a thread on the Runner’s World Barefoot Running Forum about a pair of water shoes called the Nike Sneakerboat. I’ve seen water shoes/aqua socks suggested many times as a cheap form of minimalist running shoe (and a minimalist shoe should by definition be inexpensive if there’s less […]

Barefoot-Like Running Shoes – Terminology Matters, and Science Can Help

The recent series of posts that I wrote criticizing the new Nike Free Run+ running shoe (if interested, you can start with this one) have generated a lot of traffic to this blog, and have prompted a few commenters to criticize me for “attacking” a shoe that I have never worn. My response to these […]

Chasing School Buses: An Unexpected Benefit of Being a Running Dad


Image via Wikipedia I had no intention of writing a second post this soon after the one I wrote this morning, but sometimes you’ve got a story that needs to be told. On the first day of my summer break, I had the pleasure of going for a nice long walk with my wife, daughter, […]

Transition, Or What I Plan To Do On My Summer Vacation


Image by Warm ‘n Fuzzy via Flickr I sit here writing this post early in the morning on the first official day of my summer break. Although I still have some commitments to fulfill and loose ends to tie up at work, my major responsibilities were completed when I submitted my Spring semester grades and […]

Runblogger Podcast #17: Baby Ben, Boston, and Fall Marathon Plans


Where the heck have I been??? Why haven’t I put out a new Runblogger Podcast episode in over a month? Listen to RP#17 to find out what I’ve been up to! In this grab-bag of an episode I: -talk about the events of the past 5 weeks, including the birth of my son Ben, and […]

Obesity and Physical Activity in the United States: America Needs Some Exercise


Sometimes a few simple pictures and videos can speak volumes. As part of my final set of lectures in my exercise physiology class this semester, I discussed the current state of affairs in the United States regarding physical activity, obesity, and the relationship of each of these to disease trends (I focused primarily on heart […]

Elite Males in Slow-Motion at the 2010 Boston Marathon: Cheruiyot, Merga, Kebede, Kigen, Goumri, Keflezighi, Hall


Image via Wikipedia A few weeks ago I posted a slow-motion video of Ryan Hall from the 2010 Boston Marathon that was taken by a pair of my undergraduate students (thanks Erin and Daniella!). They headed down to Newton on Marathon Monday to watch and film portions the race, and as it turns out, they […]

Vibram Fivefingers Bikila: Preliminary Review from Run Luau Run


My friend Matt over at the Run Luau Run blog (@luau on Twitter) got ahold of the only pair of Vibram Fivefingers Bikilas in his size at his local City Sports store yesterday. Matt is almost exclusively a Vibram Fivefingers runner, and has done several full marathons in VFF’s (KSO’s and Treks). Clearly, he couldn’t […]

Vibram Fivefingers Bikila Available at City Sports


Just a quick note – the Vibram Fivefingers Bikila is now available in a hard-to-miss electric green and blue color scheme on-line at City Sports. Stock is limited, and most sizes have already sold out, but it’s good to see that they have officially hit the market!

Hydrapak Gel Bot: Gels and Water in one Bottle?


A friend on Twitter sent out a note yesterday asking if anyone had tried the bottle in the image to the left, the Hydrapak Gel Bot. Apparently this bottle allows you to store both fluids and gel in one device (looks like the gel goes in the inner pink/red capsule), which might make hydrating and […]