Brooks Transcend Video Ad in Runner’s World

Two days ago I received a large envelope in the mail that contained the March issue of Runner’s World. It felt a bit stiffer than a typical issue, and after reading an accompanying letter from Brooks, I opened the magazine to find that Brooks had placed a video ad inside for their new shoe, the […]

Alberto Salazar on Running Form: "There has to be one best way of running."

Image via Wikipedia Amby Burfoot recently posted the text of an interview he conducted with famed marathoner and Nike running coach Alberto Salazar on the Racing News Blog on In the interview, Burfoot asked Salazar a few questions regarding the thought process behind Dathan Ritzenhein’s recent change to a more midfoot/forefoot footsrike. Among the […]

Runner’s World Sports Doc on Barefoot Running

Quick post here to alert you to a nice little article by the Runner’s World Sports Doc, William Roberts, titled “The Mechanics of Barefoot Running.” It’s nice to see a major running publication addressing the positive benefits of barefoot/minimalist running in an objective and scientific way. Although I’m not a barefoot runner myself, I have […]

Twitter Co-Founder Biz Stone is a Runner

Image via CrunchBase I’m a huge fan of the social networking service Twitter, and I use it almost entirely to connect with other runners. As it turns out, according to this great “I’m A Runner” article in Runner’s World, Twitter co-founder Biz Stone (@biz on Twitter) has recently become a distance runner, and is looking […]