Update Your Runblogger RSS Feed

Quick post. When I transitioned Runblogger from Blogger to WordPress, I also made the decision to abandon using Feedburner to serve my RSS feed. My reason is that Google no longer actively supports or develops Feedburner and I have no idea how much longer it will continue to exist as a service. If you have […]

Twitter Co-Founder Biz Stone is a Runner

Image via CrunchBase I’m a huge fan of the social networking service Twitter, and I use it almost entirely to connect with other runners. As it turns out, according to this great “I’m A Runner” article in Runner’s World, Twitter co-founder Biz Stone (@biz on Twitter) has recently become a distance runner, and is looking […]

Runblogger Now on Facebook

Image via Wikipedia Quick post – I’m not a huge user of Facebook, but given it’s popularity I figured I’d follow the lead of some of the other running bloggers and set up a page for Runblogger. You can join if you’d like and get new post updates on your Facebook news feed, as well […]

Runblogger Runcast #12 – Building a Running Support Network: dailymile, Twitter and Local Running Clubs

Episode #12 of the Runblogger Runcast discusses the building of a running support network.  Having others to support you as you train and race is essential, particularly on those days when you just don’t feel like heading out the door. In this show I discuss some of the sources of support that have worked well […]

Coping With Information Overload in the On-Line World

Image by luc legay via Flickr Let me state at the outset that what follows in this post was inspired by Joel (aka Ted) R. – your Dailymile post this morning was my impetus to write this, and hopefully it will help those who, like us, are trying to navigate through a life filled with […]

Want Twitter Results When You Search Google? – Try Out This Greasemonkey Add-On

I’ve become quite the Twitter addict in the past few weeks, and have enjoyed reading posts by people with similar interests. My initial privacy-related fears about using Twitter turned out to be unfounded, and it has been a great way to find interesting news stories, videos, and websites. Last night a tweet came across my […]