Tips on Running Safety For Women

by Austin Bonds I’ve come to the realization that running safety can be easily neglected in the middle of a great run. The weather feels fantastic, the feet are moving swiftly across the sidewalk, and the beat of a favorite song is pulsing through the ears. We run and we return home – it should […]

Review of YakTrax Run Traction Cleats

Dealing with traction on winter runs can be challenging for a road runner. Most of the time I find that a decent pair of lugged trail shoes suffices for mixed conditions on sidewalks and roads (mostly crusty ice and snow up here in NH), but there are certain times when a trail shoe alone won’t […]

Dealing With Deer Flies on the Run: A Bit of Yankee Ingenuity

Image by Bruce Martin I’m fairly well convinced at this point that runners will do just about anything to get in their miles. With this in mind, I wanted feature the ingenuity (and perhaps slight insanity, but who am I to talk after running 15 miles last weekend in toe shoes?) of a local New […]

Going to Dark Places: On Mental Toughness in Running

Image via Wikipedia Last week I was reading an article about Kara Goucher from the March issue of Runner’s World titled “Mind Gains” by Bruce Barcott. In the article, Barcott tells the story of how Goucher’s coach, Alberto Salazar, brought in a sports psychologist, Darren Treasure, to work with Goucher on the mental demons that […]

Runblogger Runcast #12 – Building a Running Support Network: dailymile, Twitter and Local Running Clubs

Episode #12 of the Runblogger Runcast discusses the building of a running support network.  Having others to support you as you train and race is essential, particularly on those days when you just don’t feel like heading out the door. In this show I discuss some of the sources of support that have worked well […]

Winter Running – Tips on How to Stay Motivated Despite the Weather

On a day when I ran my final 20 miler in preparation for the Disney Marathon in wind chills equivalent to 4 degrees Fahrenheit, I thought it would be appropriate to put together a post with some advice on how to keep running through the winter. For me, this is the first winter when I […]

Running With Dogs – Tips from a Dog Runner

I’ve written a few posts recently (here and here) about running with my 2-year-old black lab named Jack (his classic “take me for a run!” look can be seen in the picture to the left). This has gotten me thinking about the general topic of running with dogs, so I hopped onto Google and began […]

Wired Magazine: How Technology can Keep You Running

I just read an interesting article from the July 2009 issue of Wired Magazine titled “The Nike Experiment: How the Shoe Giant Unleashed the Power of Personal Metrics.” The article, written by Mark McClusky, discusses the development of the Nike+ training device, and how it has revolutionized the running experience for many people (view my […]

Marathon Tips: Things I Have Learned From Running Two Marathons

Having run only two marathons, I make no claims to be any kind of marathon running expert. However, each of these races has been an incredible learning experience, and here are a few practical things about marathon running that I have learned so far: 1. The saying that a marathon is “equal parts mental and […]

Running a Marathon: Why You Should Join the Club

Today during my commute to and from work I listened to Episode 184 of Steve Runner’s Phedippidations podcast (you can download it directly from Itunes by clicking here). In this episode, Steve tells the story of how he managed to successfully complete the 2009 Boston Marathon with only 5 weeks of training, but really, the […]

How to Start Running – 10 Tips for Beginners from Someone Who’s Been There

There is a funny saying that cross-country runners like to throw around that goes something like this: “Our sport is your sport’s punishment.” Unfortunately, this quote carries with it more than just a hint of truth – most people simply hate to run. Running is hard, it takes time that could be spent doing other […]