I Was Bitten By a Dog While Running: A Christmas Story

My most unexpected Christmas gift this year was a 3 hour trip to the emergency room. Fortunately Santa Claus was not the giver of this cruel present. Rather, it was received from a large German Shepherd that I encountered while out on a run on Christmas Day. I’ve been running on the trails behind my house for […]

If You Run With a Dog, Watch This!

My most frequent running partner is a black lab named Jack. He loves to run. Our mileage together has been slowly creeping back up over the past few weeks, and just as happens to me, his craving for the run seems to grow the more frequently he gets out. The moment I grab a pair […]

This Is What Happiness Looks Like!

We got our first big snow of the season last night here in New Hampshire. One of my favorite forms of winter exercise is snowshoeing (a type of shoe I know almost nothing about!), so I decided to take my black lab Jack out for a trek. We stopped at the head of the trail […]

Jack the Running Dog is Injured!

Poor Jack!!! – my faithful canine running partner has sustained a foot injury and is now going to be sidelined for a few days. He was playing with his best dog buddy and apparently had split a toenail in half at some point during their romp. Unfortunately, I didn’t know until after we had returned […]

Hands-Free Dog Leash for Running: Any Recommendations?

If you look through recent posts on this blog, you’ll see that I’ve become quite the dog runner lately. Jack has accompanied me on all but 1 of my runs in the last few weeks, and he’s become a great partner on the road. The one issue that I have to deal with is that […]

Running With Dogs – Tips from a Dog Runner

I’ve written a few posts recently (here and here) about running with my 2-year-old black lab named Jack (his classic “take me for a run!” look can be seen in the picture to the left). This has gotten me thinking about the general topic of running with dogs, so I hopped onto Google and began […]

A Dog Running Milestone: Jack Breaks 20 Miles in a Week

In an earlier dog running post, I talked about how my favorite running partner is a 2-year-old black lab named Jack. He’s an awesome pup (most of the time!), and an enthusiastic runner. Until this summer, Jack would accompany me on runs once or twice a week, and it was usually at times when I […]

My Favorite Running Partner is a Dog Named Jack

Recently, I’ve been spending quite a bit of time with a new running partner. He’s really been an ideal companion because he never complains about the weather (unless it’s really hot) or how far we’ve gone (more = better), and he seems to be able to read my mind when it comes to following a […]