David’s Year in Review: Best Shoes and Gear from 2016

Yes, unfortunately it is now February and a best of 2016 post is old news, but better late than never. While things were a little lighter on the blogging front for me, I still had a full year of running, racing, and got to try out tons of new shoes and gear in the process. […]

Beginner Running Tips: Nutrition and Hydration for the 5K and Beyond

Two weeks ago I met for the first time with my Spring beginner 5K group – I’m co-coaching 23 new runners who share the goal of completing a 3.1 mile race in early June. Things have been going great so far (aside from the normal new runner aches and pains), and tonight we have our […]

Review of Nuun Electrolyte Enhanced Drink Tabs

Shortly after my crash and burn at the Boston Marathon this year, where I wound up post-race in the med tent with mild hyponatremia, I was contacted by the folks at Nuun (apparently pronounced “noon” and not “none,” though I prefer to call it the latter, just like I prefer to say Vybram rather than […]

Review of Hydrapak E-Lite Hydration Vest: Lightweight Pack Made for Runners

One of the things I have learned since I started reviewing gear here on Runblogger is that different companies have different approaches to how they deal with soliciting reviews from bloggers like me. Some are clearly interested in just gaining exposure and linkage, they aren’t good at returning emails, and one has gone so far […]

Gear Review: Hydrapak Gel Bot – A Runner’s Perspective

Some products require extensive use and testing before rendering a formal review, whereas others simply need to be used once to confirm that they live up to what they claim to do. The Hydrapak Gel Bot falls into the latter category. I initially came across the Gel Bot when a friend asked a question about […]

Hydrapak Gel Bot: Gels and Water in one Bottle?

A friend on Twitter sent out a note yesterday asking if anyone had tried the bottle in the image to the left, the Hydrapak Gel Bot. Apparently this bottle allows you to store both fluids and gel in one device (looks like the gel goes in the inner pink/red capsule), which might make hydrating and […]