How To Avoid Chafing While Running: Nipples, Thighs, and Other Problem Spots

It happens every Spring almost without fail – I’ll be out for a run and I start to feel a bit of discomfort under my shirt and/or between my thighs. If I’m lucky it’ll happen on a short run and the damage will be limited. If I’m unlucky I’ll be 5 miles from home when […]

Beginner Running Tips: When Does Running Become Fun?

For the past six weeks I’ve been co-coaching a beginner 5K group. The group has been improving steadily – bodies are getting stronger, lungs are not struggling as much, early aches and pains are slowly resolving. They’ve been doing great, and most are right where we want them to be at this point in the […]

Beginner Running Tips: Nutrition and Hydration for the 5K and Beyond

Two weeks ago I met for the first time with my Spring beginner 5K group – I’m co-coaching 23 new runners who share the goal of completing a 3.1 mile race in early June. Things have been going great so far (aside from the normal new runner aches and pains), and tonight we have our […]

Beginning Runner Tips: Choosing A Running Shoe

Tonight I’ll be meeting for the first time with my Spring 2014 5K Yes I Can! running group. This will be the second Spring that I’ve co-coached a beginner running group, and last year I had an absolute blast doing it. There’s nothing quite as rewarding as helping people develop a running routine, and I […]