Running During Pregnancy–An Interview With Sarah Canney of Run Far Girl

  I met Sarah Canney back in August 2012 at a running workshop that I taught along with my friend and co-worker Brett Coapland. At the time, Sarah was 8-months pregnant with her second child, and she’s the first and only near full-term pregnant runner I have ever captured in a slow motion gait video. […]

How To Avoid Chafing While Running: Nipples, Thighs, and Other Problem Spots

It happens every Spring almost without fail – I’ll be out for a run and I start to feel a bit of discomfort under my shirt and/or between my thighs. If I’m lucky it’ll happen on a short run and the damage will be limited. If I’m unlucky I’ll be 5 miles from home when […]

Beginning Runner Tips: Choosing A Running Shoe

Tonight I’ll be meeting for the first time with my Spring 2014 5K Yes I Can! running group. This will be the second Spring that I’ve co-coached a beginner running group, and last year I had an absolute blast doing it. There’s nothing quite as rewarding as helping people develop a running routine, and I […]