Running During Pregnancy–An Interview With Sarah Canney of Run Far Girl

  I met Sarah Canney back in August 2012 at a running workshop that I taught along with my friend and co-worker Brett Coapland. At the time, Sarah was 8-months pregnant with her second child, and she’s the first and only near full-term pregnant runner I have ever captured in a slow motion gait video. […]

More On Leaving Academia to Become a Blogger: My Interview With University Affairs

Several months ago I was contacted by Dr. Jennfier Polk, who at the time was writing a blog titled From Ph.D. To Life that focused on career options for Ph.D.s, with a special focus on non-academic careers. Jennifer had seen the post I had written about leaving my academic job to pursue this blog full-time, […]

Podcast: My Interview With Cesar Torres of The Labyrinth

Last week I had the pleasure of chatting with a long-time reader of this blog, Cesar Torres. Cesar is a writer and host of the podcast “The Labyrinth,” and in our conversation we covered a variety of topics from running, to shoes, to writing, to some of the new projects I will be pursuing in […]

An Inside Look at the Skechers Performance Footwear Team

For the past year or so I have been in regular contact with Kurt Stockbridge and David Raysse, the core of the relatively new performance running team at Skechers. Starting with the original Go Run, I’ve now wear tested and have provided direct feedback to Kurt and David on at least 6-7 shoes that have […]

Ultras, Sherpa John, and the Run Across New Hampshire

My two big running goals heading into is year were to qualify for the Boston Marathon and to run an ultramarathon. I managed to check off the former last Sunday (race report can be found here), and the latter should be met next March at the HAT Run 50k in Susquehanna, Maryland. Given this, I […]

Interview with Mark Cucuzzella of Two Rivers Treads, a Minimalist Only Running Store in West Virginia

Over the past few months I have been corresponding via e-mail with Dr. Mark Cucuzzella on the topics of running form and running shoes. Mark has a very interesting background in that he is a family physician at Harpers Ferry Family Medicine in WV, an Associate Professor at West Virginia University School of Medicine, and […]

My Interview on Jason Fitzgerald’s Strength Running Blog

Jason Fitzgerald (Fitz) over at Strength Running recently contacted me and asked if I’d be interested in conducting an on-line interview for his blog. Fitz came up with some great questions about running shoes, injuries, and my quest to qualify for the Boston Marathon – I did my best to answer all of them, and […]