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More On Leaving Academia to Become a Blogger: My Interview With University Affairs

UASeveral months ago I was contacted by Dr. Jennfier Polk, who at the time was writing a blog titled From Ph.D. To Life that focused on career options for Ph.D.s, with a special focus on non-academic careers. Jennifer had seen the post I had written about leaving my academic job to pursue this blog full-time, and asked if I’d be willing to do an interview about my experience.

Well, the summer turned out to be far busier than I had anticipated, and Jennifer moved her blog to University Affairs, which is like a Canadian version of the Chronicle of Higher Education. I finally found some time to respond to her questions a few weeks ago, and the interview is now live.

For those of you who might be interested in reading a bit more about why I left academia and what I am doing now, head on over to University Affairs and check it out!

Here’s a snippet:

What are your favourite parts of your job?

I love the freedom of being my own boss and not having to worry about decisions made by those in positions above me. As a blogger, I can write about whatever I want, whenever I want.

What would you change about it if you could?

The hardest part about being a full-time blogger is managing email. I love interacting with readers, and try my best to answer questions when they arrive. Unfortunately, as the blog has grown the volume of email has increased as well, and it’s been very hard to keep up with it all.

So, I think the thing I’d most like to change is that I’d love to be able to keep up with my email!

I’d also recommend checking out the #altac and #postac content on Twitter if you are interested in topics related to post-academic life!

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  1. Mark V. McDonnell says:

    Pete, is the slog through the bog *already* inducing second thoughts? (See ‘graf 1.) ;)

  2. Brian Hafendorfer says:

    Nice article. Although I’m not a PhD or academic, I feel that I’m stuck in the rut of safety & security with my company and profession. I truly admire those that can turn their passion into their livelihood. Congratulations for taking the leap and providing a great blog in the process.

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