Runblogger Runcast #6 – 2010 Disney Marathon Video Compilation

On January 10, I ran the 2010 Walt Disney World Marathon. I went into this race with no expectations other than to have a good time and do my best, and it turned into one of the most amazing running experiences I have ever had – easily the most enjoyable of the five marathons I […]

Race Report: Manchester City Marathon 2009

When I first signed up to run both the Hartford and Manchester City Marathons this Fall, I was under the mistaken impression that there would be four weeks between them. From past marathon experience, I knew that it takes me about that much time to fully recover from the 26.2 mile race effort, and even […]

Manchester City Marathon: Course Map and Elevation Profile

Yes, I’m a bit crazy, and I’ll be running another marathon on November 1 (only 3 weeks removed from my finishing of the 2009 ING Hartford Marathon).  Next up is the Manchester City Marathon in Manchester, NH.  This is something of a home-town race for me since I work in Manchester and run on the […]

Race Report: 2009 Hartford Marathon

When it comes to races, marathons are truly a different beast than any other distance I have run, both mentally and physically. We spend months training and obsessing about marathon strategy, but unfortunately sometimes things don’t go our way on race day, which can lead to disappointment. Yesterday I ran the 2009 ING Hartford Marathon […]

2009 ING Hartford Marathon – Video Recap

Video recaps from the 2009 ING Hartford Marathon – so far I’ve only found one, if you know of any others feel free to drop me a comment!  

Barefoot and Vibram Fivefingers Runners at the Hartford Marathon

I ran the Hartford Marathon this morning, and after finishing had a chance to watch some of the runners come in between 4:00 and 5:00 hours. For all of you barefoot and minimalist runners out there, here’s some inspiration from a few intrepid runners who completed the race either barefoot or in Vibram Fivefingers (all […]

Hartford Marathon Course Maps and Elevation Details

I will be running the 2009 ING Hartford Marathon this Saturday (Oct. 10).  As has been the case with my previous two marathons, I’m now beginning to obsess about the course map and elevation profile. For those who might be interested, I thought that I’d share some details regarding the course that I’ve pulled together […]

Why My Fall Marathons Probably Won’t Earn Me a Trip to Boston in 2010

Let me start this post by stating the obvious – I am passionate about distance running. There are few things in life that I enjoy more than being out on the road or trail and feeling the steady beat of my footsteps underneath me. Like many passionate distance runners, I also take pride in my […]

Walking in Marathons: Does it Disrespect the Race?

Image by Pabo76 I recently read an article on the Well Blog of the New York Times titled “Better Running Through Walking.” The author, Tara Parker-Pope, is training to run the New York City Marathon in November and is chronicling her journey on the NYT website (see Run Well on the Well Blog here). Her […]

Marathon Tips: Things I Have Learned From Running Two Marathons

Having run only two marathons, I make no claims to be any kind of marathon running expert. However, each of these races has been an incredible learning experience, and here are a few practical things about marathon running that I have learned so far: 1. The saying that a marathon is “equal parts mental and […]

Video Clip: Marathon Runners on the Day After

I’m working up a full race report on my experience running the 2009 Vermont City Marathon. In the meantime, this video clip came across my Twitter wire and it shows really well how I feel right now!

Race Report: Vermont City Marathon, Round 2

I decided somewhat late in the game to commit to running a spring marathon this year (March 22 to be exact – see this blog post). My training had only started about four weeks earlier, and I was having a hard time getting runs in between work and family commitments. However, I had personal, family-related […]

The Plan – Breaking the Marathon Taper Rules

I’m a week-and-a-half from marathon day, and I have a number of dilemmas that I’ve either addressed or am trying to address. Here they are: 1. Should I run another 20 miler prior to the race? It’s getting pretty close to race day, so if I don’t do it today I’m pretty much out of […]

Running a Marathon: Why You Should Join the Club

Today during my commute to and from work I listened to Episode 184 of Steve Runner’s Phedippidations podcast (you can download it directly from Itunes by clicking here). In this episode, Steve tells the story of how he managed to successfully complete the 2009 Boston Marathon with only 5 weeks of training, but really, the […]

Marathon Strategy: Should I Push the Pace or Hold Back

Yesterday I completed the first of two planned 20 mile training runs leading up to my running of the Vermont City Marathon (VCM) on May 24th. It was a beautiful day, the run went very well, and I was able to maintain close to an 8:30min/mile pace throughout. With the exception of the last two […]