Runblogger Runcast #9 – Minimalist Running

Runblogger RuncastLast week a paper on barefoot running was published in the journal Nature by Daniel Lieberman and colleagues that re-ignited discussion of barefoot and minimalist running in both the running community and the mainstream media. This podcast is simply a collection of my personal thoughts and opinions on barefoot and minimalist running, as well as an overview of my running shoe history and current footwear preferences.

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  1. good discussion about how you got into minimalist shoes. Your running story and how you got to these shoes is very similar to mine.

    Do you have access to the actual paper published by Dr. Lieberman?

    • Pete Larson says:


      Thanks – that’s why I mentioned your name at the end! We do share a very
      similar philosophy I think. I don’t have the paper yet, but am going to head
      over to the library and see if it has arrived. You interested in a PDF?


  2. Interesting podcast on barefoot and minimalist running, thank you! You are absolutely correct to emphasise the need to take it really slow when transitioning to BF / minimalist running. Although I have regularly walked barefoot for about 7 years, running is a whole different thing and it takes time (a) for muscles to adapt (especially the calves), and (b) for good form to develop so that you don’t get hurt. The benefit of running barefoot in this regard, as opposed to using even minimalist footwear, is that your body will tell you to stop before you do any serious damage, because there is nothing to cushion you and give you the false impression that you are not doing any damage. Once you have good barefoot form, it is easier then to transition it to minimalist footwear.

  3. You might want to check this out…


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