A Memorable Week of Running

We runner’s often like to say that our sport is one of distinct ups and downs. Some days/weeks it’s all you can do to force yourself out the door, others it’s all you can do to hold yourself back from running yourself into the ground because you feel so darn good. For me, this past […]

Dathan Ritzenhein Sets American 5K Record of 12:58.21 – Race Video

Image by Getty Images via Daylife American distance runner Dathan Ritzenhein broke the American Record for the 5K (5000 meters) on August 28, 2009 with a time of 12:56:27 at the Weltklasse Meet in Zurich, Switzerland. The previous American record was 12:58.21, set by Bob Kennedy in 1996. The current 5K world record of 12:37.35 […]

Vibram Fivefingers: Interview with Vibram CEO Tony Post and Sneak Peak of the New VFF Bikila Model for Runners

Just came across an interesting video interview conducted by the hosts of The Raw Food World TV Show with Vibram CEO Tony Post (thanks to @thinnmann at http://runbarefoot.blogspot.com/ for posting this!). Among other things, Tony shows off a series of new Vibram models set to be released in the near future. Among these is the […]

The Man Versus Horse Marathon

Image via Wikipedia If someone asked you if you could outrun a horse, your answer would most likely be a resounding “no.” You’d probably consider the idea of a human being able to outrun a horse at any distance to be preposterous. However, if you happen to be an elite marathoner and the race covers […]

Running in Vibram Fivefingers: The Day After

 You know that feeling you get in your muscles after you go to the gym for the first time in months and overdo the weight training? I’m referring to that initial stiffness that prevents you from lifting your arms above your head, which then slowly morphs into burning delayed onset muscle soreness over the next […]

Running in Vibram Fivefingers: First Impressions

If you’re part of the on-line running community, you’ve probably heard of the Vibram Fivefingers. Described by my family and friends as “monster shoes,” “yeti shoes,” “foot gloves,” or “reptile shoes,” Vibram Fivefingers (or VFF’s for short – see picture below) are sort of like water-socks with toes that runners have flocked to as an […]

The Run Scout: 3D Flyovers of Race Courses via Google Earth

The Run Scout is a new site that provides 3D flyovers of race courses ranging from Half-Marathons to Ultramarathons. The site, designed by Jim Vernon, is relatively new, so there is not a lot of content yet, but I imagine that will change with time. Currently, course flyovers are available for such notable races as […]

Chirstopher McDougall, Author of Born to Run, on the Daily Show with John Stewart

Christopher Mcdougall, author of the book Born to Run, was on the Daily Show with John Stewart last night. You can watch the interview in its entirety below. If you haven’t read Born to Run yet, you should – it’s a phenomenal book. You can read my review of Born to Run here. The Daily […]

Long Slow Distance Ladder Track Intervals, Or Something

Image by Michael Lokner via Flickr My run today was either brilliantly insane, or insanely brilliant – I’m still not really sure which. One of the things I’ve realized in training for a Fall marathon (or two) is that heat can make it very difficult to get good long runs in during the summer. I’m […]

Photo-Run #2: A Runner and His Dog on the Road and Trail in Concord, NH

Whenever I read run reports from other runners on sites like Dailymile or Twitter, I always try to picture what the area they run in looks like. With that in mind, I decided to let everyone in on what it’s like to run in Concord, NH with a dog named Jack. All of these photos […]