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Saucony Shoe Previews: Breakthru, Zealot, Mirage 5, and Peregrine 5

Saucony BreakthruUpdate 1/28/2015: I have now posted full reviews of the Saucony Breakthru and Saucony Zealot.

A few weeks ago I posted a preview of some 2015 shoe releases from Asics, this week we’ll take a look at some new shoes on the way from Saucony. All of the videos below were produced by at the 2014 Outdoor Retailer Show -you can find their Youtube channel here.

Saucony Breakthru

This video is the first I’ve seen or heard of this shoe. They describe it as their lightest-weight trainer with a responsive sole and 8mm offset. It is priced at $100, which is in line with pricing on shoes like the Kinvara. Based on the description, seems like the Breakthru might be a competitor to a shoe like the Mizuno Sayonara, New Balance 890, or maybe the Brooks Launch. Nice looking shoe! Update 1/5/2014: Read my review of the Saucony Breakthru here.

Saucony Zealot

I wrote about the Sacuony Zealot in a previous post, but since it’s a new shoe thought I’d share the video preview here as well. The Zealot is a replacement for the Cortana, and is a well-cushioned, 4mm drop shoe. It also features Saucony’s new Isofit system in which the laces attach to a cage external to the upper. Update 1/25/2015: Read my full review of the Saucony Zealot here.

Saucony Peregrine 5

Looks like mostly an upper update with a slight drop in weight to the sole due to a change in the rock-plate material.

Saucony Mirage 5

Looks like some small changes to the outsole, not sure how much the midsole has changed. My big problem with the Mirage 4 was that I felt it was way too firm for my taste, but I know others who like it for that reason. It will be interesting to see how this one feels. Saucony also adds a new upper that includes the Prolock addition to the lacing system to wrap the midfoot. I have seen some complaints about the Prolock in the Kinvara 5, but it worked ok for me.

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  1. The Breakthru may be the shoe I’ve been waiting for (that turned out, it seems, to be the Hitogami) for a long time.

    • Hitogami/Sayonara were what struck me as shoes in a similar category, we’ll see!

      • Having never run in the Sayonara (I really need to one of these days), I’d probably agree. I’ve come to appreciate, via the Hitogami, the value of a slightly uprated racing flat as a daily trainer. I don’t know if I could ever go back to a full trainer-type shoe again!

  2. Is the Saucony Breakthru kind of a cross between the Kinvara and Ride, leaning more towards the Ride?

  3. The last on the Pery 5’s looks pretty much the same I guess… I’m not so sure about the Pery’s anymore, they need to pull in the midfoot a little, I find the fit of the current model a touch, well I don’t want to use the word sloppy, it’s not sloppy, but it just doesn’t give that reassuring foot hug that I like. I also think, for what’s supposed to be a minimal shoe, that the stack is way to high, I don’t feel at all stable in the 4’s unless I remove the insoles, that just increases the “loose” fell though. They work well with a thicker sock on so not a bad winter running option…

  4. I’m intrigued to see these various updates from Saucony. The Kinvara 5 was a solid update, and I’m really enjoying the cushioning in the Ride 7 for longer runs.

    The Breakthru is an unusual models from what I see based on the specifications. With the Ride 7 at $120 and an 8 millimeter offset and the Kinvara 5 at $100 with a 4 millimeter offset, I’ll be curious to see where this option fits into the lineup. If I remember correctly, Saucony is continuing production of the Virrata either.

    The Zealot and Peregrine should retain their fan base, and I agree about the Mirage being more of a hit or miss option based on the feel from each respective runner.

  5. This is some great stuff from Saucony. The Kinvara 5 was a solid update, and I really like the Ride 7 for longer runs. That said, I’m not sure where the Breakthru will fit in the lineup. The offset is 8 millimeters like the Ride, but the price is the same as the Kinvara.

    The Zealot and Peregrine should retain their fan base, and the Mirage will likely be hit or miss for runners (based on how it fits their feet).

  6. Michael+Busch says:

    Geez, they are adding ProLock to the Mirage. I don’t run in it but it is a bad omen for the future of the Viratta. I was hoping they would backtrack on it and remove it from the Kinvara but if they are adding it to more models, sigh. Please don’t add it to the Peregrine as that is my current go to Trail shoe. Sigh, the never standing still state of shoe models causes me so much expense and stress.

    • Unfortunately from what I have heard the Virrata is being discontinued.

      • Michael+Busch says:

        So they won’t have a zero drop option anymore? Since I am going to move towards trails and ultras I guess it doesn’t matter about the road shoes, but I wish shoe companies would stop following “fashion” and “trends” and just provide simple, minimal shoe options.

  7. I wish the toebox of the Mirage was wider. I liked my Mirage 2’s, but the toebox just caused me too many problems.

  8. When will we be able to buy the breakthru? Only thing I can find in them is this video.

  9. So, is the breakthru lighter than the Virrata?

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