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New Shoe Previews: Brooks Launch 2, Saucony Zealot, Skechers GoMeb Speed 3

Last week my buddy and fellow New Hampshire runner Sam Winebaum attended the Summer Outdoor Retailer Show in Utah. As he does every year, Sam has put together a series of preview posts of running-related products from OR, and he invited me to share some of the images and product info that he posted.

I’m going to break this up into two posts, each featuring new shoes from several brands. I’m going to keep my commentary brief because I have not seen many of these shoes in person (though I have been hearing hushed whispers about many of them), and I’ll refer you to Sam’s blog for more detail where appropriate.

Brooks Launch 2

First up, Brooks will be releasing the much anticipated Brooks Launch 2 early next year. I reviewed the original Launch way back in 2009, and it has remained unchanged (aside from color updates) since then. The Launch was a personal favorite at the time I reviewed it, and it’s a simple, affordable shoe that just works well. Sam reports that the Launch will feature a new BioMogo DNA midsole, will weigh in at just under 10oz, and MSRP will be $100 (love the colorway in the photo below!).

Brooks Launch 2

Brooks Launch 2 – Photo via Sam Winebaum

Saucony Zealot

I’ve heard that the Saucony Cortana will be discontinued (the Virrata as well I think), and it will be replaced by a new shoe called the Zealot. The Cortana may have been a victim of being overpriced for the type of shoe it was considered to be (a well-cushioned “natural running” shoe). The Zealot fills a similar niche – it’s 8.3oz and 4mm drop (25mm heel, 21mm forefoot) with a bit more cushion than the Kinvara. The Zealot also features a new upper design called Isofit (which will also be featured on the new Triumph and Hurricane) – for more details on this check out Sam’s post or this post on the Running Warehouse blog.

Saucony Zealot

Saucony Zealot – Photo via Sam Winebaum

Skechers GoMeb Speed 3

The Skechers GoMeb Speed 3 is a shoe that I have a fair amount of experience with as a wear tester (it’s the shoe Meb wore when he won Boston this year). The GoMeb Speed 1 and 2 were not a great match for me – I found the soles to be a bit too firm for the amount of stack they had (18mm heel, 14mm forefoot), and the forefoot was a tad narrow for me. I’ve run a fair bit in version 3 and have loved them –  a bit more roomy up front and slightly more give to the sole. Skechers has some great stuff coming, and you can expect a full review once I’m given the go ahead to share more detail – for now, check out what Sam has to say about the shoe.

Here’s a photo of the GoMeb Speed 3 via Sam Windebaum featuring the hands of shoe geek Seth Hasty (yes, that is a Brannock device tattoo!):

Skechers GoMeb Speed 3

That’s it for this post, tomorrow I’ll share some new offerings from New Balance, Altra, and Salomon.

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  1. Talk about burying the lead….the VIrrata being discontinued?!

  2. I’ve always liked the Launch and never thought it has received enough attention from runners like the Ghost or Glycerin – or even the Pure Series collection for that matter.

    The Launch is a simple shoe but feels great under foot. I hope the price will stay right at $100 too when it’s finally released.

  3. Iain Denby says:

    Oh please, just give me a simple running shoe. Simple in design, simple in construction, simple in style. Stable, flat and without ‘techy’ descriptions.

  4. I wonder if Saucony will get into hot water about their new liner? Almost like old Nike products. But everyone uses each others ideas now it seems. I’ve got a pair of Brooks Pure Flow 3 for walking around on concrete at work. They are super cushy and have an almost “sock liner” feel-can even take the laces out! It is a differnet feel that not everyone will like in a running shoe. :)

  5. Iain Denby says:

    I actually really liked the Go Meb Speed but unfortunately it’s just too narrow for me

  6. I’m excited about the new Go Meb. I’ve been running in the women’s Speed 2 version for a little over a month now and really love them.

  7. Carlos Navarro says:

    Pete, when will you be given green light to talk about the GoMeb Speed 3?

    A friend of mine is running the New York City Marathon next sunday and I’m quite in the dark about specs and sensations of the shoe. I might ask him to buy them for me, actually I’m thinking about buying either the Speed 3 or Adios Boost 2 but pricewise.

    Thank you Pete!

  8. Carlos Navarro says:

    I meant to say, pricewise the Adios 2 is a lot more expensive and I’m actually quite happy with my so far Skechers experience.

    Thank you again Pete!

  9. Tom from Brooklyn says:

    Have you been able to confirm that the Virrata is discontinued?
    I cant believe it if it’s true!

    Zero Drop shoes with less cushion feel great and are great for you.

    Do you know of any shoes that are zero drop that might be a decent replacement for theVirrata?

    • Yes, they are discontinued. The Altra The One 2 would be the closest shoe I can think of that is still on the market.

      • Tom from Brooklyn says:


        Thank you for taking the time to respond.

        I’m sure Saucony is discontinuing the Virrata due to poor sales. However, in my view, it was a shoe that provided a balanced mix of features that made it a great shoe for someone who wanted light, responsive, very flexible mid and outer soles, the all too uncommon zero drop and substantial amount of cushion.

        It’s funny that you suggest the Altra One 2 because I’m on my 4th pair.

        Saucony should consider bringing it back.

        Thanks again.

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