Saucony Shoe Previews: Breakthru, Zealot, Mirage 5, and Peregrine 5

Update 1/28/2015: I have now posted full reviews of the Saucony Breakthru and Saucony Zealot. A few weeks ago I posted a preview of some 2015 shoe releases from Asics, this week we’ll take a look at some new shoes on the way from Saucony. All of the videos below were produced by at the […]

Best Low-Drop Ultramarathon Shoes: Recommendations From Nate Sanel

My perfect trail shoe would be one with a minimal upper that fits like a glove over the forefoot, a wide toe box, excellent drainage, great grip, a soft ride, 0-4mm heel/forefoot differential, and enough cushioning to run 100 miles. When talking about shoes for an ultra, I think that it’s important to distinguish what […]

Recommended Zero Drop, Cushioned Trail Running Shoes

Though I enjoy wearing zero drop, barefoot-style shoes casually and while running on roads, I’ve found out the hard way that running trails in minimally cushioned shoes can sometimes be difficult, especially if pointy rocks are strewn about (a bruised foot during my first 50K made me realize the value of a good rock plate…). […]

Recommended Zero Drop, Cushioned Road Running Shoes

If you’re interested in going more minimal with your running shoes, but don’t want to give up cushioning, this is the pace to look. A growing niche in the running shoe world is for zero drop shoes that retain some amount of cushion – I put a lot of miles on shoes in this category, […]