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Asics 2015 Shoe Previews: 33-M, 33-FA, 33-DFA, Fujirunnagade, DS Racer 10

Asics has posted a bunch of video previews of new shoes introduced at the 2014 Outdoor Retailer Show. I’m going to put up a few posts this week featuring shoes that I have not yet covered elsewhere, and first up are some new 2015 releases from Asics.

One of the collections Asics featured is a new line within their “33” series of shoes. These shoes feature a foam called Fluidfoam which Asics is touting as being extremely soft yet resistant to breakdown. Not sure I quite understand the juxtaposition of super-soft cushion with natural running, but that’s a marketing issue I suppose. I tend to like low drop shoes with minimalish, soft soles so a few of these look appealing to me.

Asics 33-M

First up is the Asics 33-M, which is clearly set to compete with the likes of Hoka and Altra in the “maximalist” cushioning category. The 33-M is a 4mm drop shoe (not sure on stack height) with what looks like a nice, wide toebox. Here’s the video preview:

Asics 33-FA

The 33-FA looks to be the middle of the road model in the new line. Not a whole lot of details in the video, but looks like another shoe with a roomy toebox, but not quite as cushioned as the 33-M. I’ve had good experiences with the toeboxes of shoes like the Gel Lyte33 and the Gel Electro33 so hopefully these will compare.

Asics 33-DFA

Of the three Fluidfoam shoes, this one looks most appealing to me since it has a more minimal sole that is made of the same softish foam. Also looks like it’s quite flexible:

Asics Gel Fujirunnagade

The Fujirunnagade is an aggressively lugged trail shoe with a water-resistant bootie construction to keep debris out of the shoe. The first question that comes to my mind when looking at the shoe is what will drainage be like? Looks like it could be a solid winter running shoe.

Asics DS Racer 10

I’ve never run in the DS Racer series, but have been tempted by version 9. Version 10 looks like my kind of shoe!

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  1. Pete,
    Montrail is using fluid foam in their fluid series. I got the Fluid Feel 2. Just walking around in it the foam feels nice, not too squishy-I plan on running in them on the trails sometime this week. They got a good review over on Trail Runner web- site. The Fluid Flex 2 might intrest you-less stack and off set, light too. :)

    • Is it the same stuff? In the first video calls it a “new technology from Asics.” I’ve heard the Montrail Fluid series is soft as well, seems strange they would use the same terminology, maybe it is the same then?

  2. You and I have quite similar shoe preferences, i bought a pair of DS Racer 10 to use them as my marathon shoe, replacing my beloved Asics Tarther. I used them in a marathon in may (2:50, PR by 7 minutes) and they are absolutely fabulous, incredibly lightweight, comfortable, some cushioning and support despite the very low weight and very good road contact. My only concern might be durability as the outsole shows signs of wear after only 100 miles and the upper does not seem very durable, its very lightweight and thin. Some has reported traction issues on wet road, I haven’t had this problem, great racing shoe for longer distances!

  3. Warning: it seems to me that the asics ds racer 10 is currently sold for several months in Europe !! the new version should be the version 11 :)

  4. michael+koscuiszka says:

    any idea on the specs for the 33DFA? i wonder how it will compare to the zante. is it me, or are there more new swanky options (for people who skew more minimal) coming up than in a long time?

  5. Have a half marathon this weekend. Still trying to decide between Racer 10 and Kinvara 5. Used to race in Racers 9 but I think the 10 lost too much rubber. Any ideas?

  6. flatlander says:

    i’m a huge fan of the gel-lyte33 3 and don’t know why it doesn’t have a bigger following. whatever the case, it will be interesting to see how the 33-dfa compares to it – a little more shoe, perhaps?

  7. I used to run in the Asics speedstar and made the switch to the Saucony Kinvara a few years ago. I feel like Asics has been slow to pair down and get a nice middle of the road minimalist shoe like the Kinvara, it’s nice to see that they are adding some new selections to their line.

  8. The article in the following link is in german but perhaps if you use google translate it could give you some extra informations about asics shoes in spring/summer 2015

  9. hey pete,
    have you had a chance to try any of these yet?

  10. Just bought a pair of those DFA’s today, I went into the shop looking for something that I can put some pretty high mileage into in the next few weeks/months marathon training, that will complement the Hyperspeed 6’s I bought that I plan to use for race days (half marathon in 5 weeks, London Marathon 6 weeks later)

    They’re quite a bit heavier than the Hyperspeeds (but then what isn’t?)
    DFA size 11 UK – 307g
    Hyperspeed size 11.5 UK – 185

    But I hope they will suit what I’m looking for – will report back in a week or so if people are interested!

  11. Looking for advice on Asics 33-M

    At the moment using Brooks adrenaline GTS15 and would like to buy the Asics 33-M. can anyone tell me if the Asics have the same pad (not sure how to call it) inside that support the high arch? Brooks have sorted out my tendonitis but would like to use other models and brands. Help please!

    • Hello Kat,

      From looking around at websites, I believe the most similar shoe, to your Brooks Adrenaline GTS15, would be the Saucony Omni 13. They have similar support and stack heights. The 33M might not have enough support for overpronating.

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