One Hundred Pushups Program – Update on Round 3


About six months ago I published a post about the 100 Pushups Program. The program was developed by my friend Steve Speirs (of the Run Bulldog Run blog), and I’m now on my third go around with it. Both previous attempts ended in failure on my part (it gets hard in weeks 5 and 6!), […]

Nike Zoom Streak 3: Reviewed by Caleb Masland of Becoming Bonkproof


One of my major goals in writing this blog is to promote variation in choice of running footwear, particularly shoes that might be classified as reduced or minimalist. Given this, I’ve chosen for the most part to avoid reviewing shoes that weigh over 10oz, or that are stacked with pronation control/stability features. This still leaves […]

Runblogger Podcast #18: The State of My Running Life


Since my podcasting continues to lag these days, I thought I’d put out a quick episode to update you on the current events in my running life. Listen to RP#18 to find out what I’ve been up to – you’ll hear about shoes, races, barefoot running, and more! To listen or subscribe via RSS: […]

Barefoot Running – Baby (Forefoot) Steps in the Right Direction on Run #3


Image via Wikipedia I didn’t really have much intention of doing another barefoot run, but I’ve been discussing the topic a lot lately in an on-line discussion forum, and was convinced by another member that I should give it another try (thanks Harry!). Harry is a guy that got into barefoot running due to frequent […]

Race Report: Global Benefit 5K in Pembroke, NH


Thrilling, exciting, and just a tiny bit disappointing – those are the words that best describe my experience running the Global Benefit 5k in Pembroke, NH this morning. It was an awesome day for me, and not just because I had my first top 3 finish in an official race. With three kids in the […]

Nike Free Run+ Review: A New Runner’s Perspective


I’ve written a few posts here on Rublogger in which I was pretty critical of Nike for their marketing of the Nike Free Run+ as a barefoot-like shoe. I still stand by the points that I outlined in those posts, but I want to be clear that although I find it virtually impossible that any […]

Nike Free 3.0 in Stock at


I’ve written several posts about how much I like the Nike Free 3.0 – it’s still one of my all-time favorite running shoes. The problem is that the model is pretty hard to come by these days, leading some (myself included) to speculate that the model might be going away. Just noticed that Foot Locker […]

Asics Going Minimalist With New Shoes?


The Running Warehouse blog is a great spot to get the latest news on upcoming lines of shoes from the various big-name manufacturers. In the most recent post, Joe Rubio recounts his experience at the Asics Gold Account Meeting held recently outside of Austin, Texas. Among other things, Rubio reports that it was clear that […]

I Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Heel: On My Journey to Minimalist Shoes


Today’s run wasn’t supposed to feel as easy as it did. Although in the grander scheme of my running history it was nothing special in terms of speed or distance (4 miles at a 7:31 pace), I ran it in a pair of aqua socks. You know that running in aqua socks is absurd, right??? […]

JJ Casuals – Shoes that Look Like Feet

Just saw this posted on Iron Brandon’s Blog and had to share here – need to find myself a pair of these! JJ Casuals – watch more funny videos

GoLite BareTech Shoe Preview: Amp Lite, Tara Lite, and More!


A few days ago I put up a post about a new line of “zero-drop” shoes that will soon be introduced by GoLite Footwear (“zero-drop” means no heel lift, so the heel and forefoot will sit in the same plane as the forefoot when in the shoe). These shoes, featuring what GoLite is calling “BareTech […]

Book Review: The Naked Olympics by Tony Perrottet


I was at the library the other day with my daughter (a frequent activity in this family!), and came across the book “The Naked Olympics” by Tony Perrottet. The cover (see picture to the left) featured what looked like an ancient painting of a group of naked Greek runners (more on this below) in seemingly […]

Fun With the Family: Camping in Glen, NH

I’m needing to take a break from my recent flurry of shoe-related posts, so I decided to share a bit from my personal life – hope you’ll indulge me. If nothing else, this post will prove that I do in fact do other things than run, tweet, and write about shoes! One of the great […]

GoLite Footwear to Introduce Minimalist Shoe Line in Fall 2010


Just read a post by Damien at the Adventure in Progress blog regarding a new line of minimalist running shoes that GoLite Footwear will be introducing this Fall. I haven’t ahd much luck finding images of shoes that will be featured in this line, but I’ve pulled together some information from a few GoLite press […]

Going to Dark Places: On Mental Toughness in Running


Image via Wikipedia Last week I was reading an article about Kara Goucher from the March issue of Runner’s World titled “Mind Gains” by Bruce Barcott. In the article, Barcott tells the story of how Goucher’s coach, Alberto Salazar, brought in a sports psychologist, Darren Treasure, to work with Goucher on the mental demons that […]