Vibram "Grip Your World Giveaway" – Play for a Chance to Win a Free Pair of Vibram FiveFingers


I recently received an e-mail from a representative for Vibram asking me to post some information regarding their “Grip Your World Giveaway” sweepstakes. To participate in this contest, all you have to do is go to and upload a picture of you in a Vibram branded product (along with an optional story). The grand […]

Merrell and Vibram Announce New Minimalist Shoe Line


Looks like Merrell and Vibram are teaming up to release a new line of minimalist shoes – they’re calling it the Merrell Barefoot Collection. Here are the details reported by Stephen Regenold on “Not available until February 2011, the line will include shoes like the Trail Glove, a trail-running model; the Tough Glove, a […]

Review of Brooks Mach 11 Spikeless Cross Country Racing Flat


Not too long ago I wrote a post extolling the virtues of spikeless cross country racing flats as more minimalist running shoes. At the time that I wrote that article I hadn’t put very many miles in while wearing a XC flat, but lately I’ve been finding that my Brooks Mach 11 spikeless flats have […]

Science Based Examination of Running Shoes – Great Post by Steve Magness from The Science of Running


There’s been an awful lot of chatter over the past year about the design of running shoes. There are people that shun them entirely and prefer to run barefoot, others who think barefooting is crazy and stick with their heavily cushioned trainers, and yet others who take a more moderate approach and recognize the potential […]

Oldest Leather Shoes found in Armenia: Minimalist Running has Deep Roots, or Does It???


Archaeologists recently found a pair of 5,500 year old leather shoes in Armenia, making this the oldest leather shoe ever found (you can see a picture of the shoes to the left – picture taken from via AP Photo/Department of Archaeology University College Cork). The shoe is made from a single piece of leather […]

Heel-Toe Drop or Offset: What Does it Mean in a Running Shoe?


The recent explosion of interest in minimalist running shoes has brought along with it an interest in specific shoe design features that probably rarely crossed the mind of most runners just a year ago (before the publication of Born to Run by Christopher McDougall got people thinking about these kind of things). One of these […]

Running Blog Recommendation: Peak Performance by Amby Burfoot


I’ve just spent some time reading through some posts on Amby Burfoot’s Peak Performance blog on Runner’s World – if you haven’t read his blog, it’s definitely worth a look. His posts are well researched, even-handed, and very science-oriented. It also doesn’t hurt that he’s a Boston Marathon winner and one of the most experienced […]

Choosing a Running Shoe: How My Perspective Has Evolved


If you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time, you probably realize that I have a bit of a running shoe problem. Not only do I own a lot of running shoes (part of my collection can be seen in the picture to the left), but I actually manage to run in most […]

Saucony Grid Type A4 Racing Flat: Another Minimalist Offering from Saucony


Image via Wikipedia Saucony has made a strong entry into the lightweight, flattish soled running shoe category with its recent release of the Saucony ProGrid Kinvara. I haven’t worn the Kinvara myself, but word from some friends is that it’s a very nice shoe – lightweight, and well built for midfoot/forefoot runners (you can read […]

Brooks Mach 12 XC Flat – Preview Video from Running Warehouse


Just found this preview video on Running Warehouse about the soon to arrive Brooks Mach 12 spikeless cross country flat. I know that aesthetics are a terrible reason to choose a shoe, but Brooks has hit a home run with these in my opinion, and it looks like the structural design will meet my preferences […]

Newton Sir Isaac Running Shoe Review: This Heel Striker Can’t Seem to Find His Forefoot


One of the things that I’ve come to believe in over the past year is that there is no “perfect shoe” that will work for every single person. We are all slightly variable in our anatomy and physiology, and this carries over to things like our running style and which running shoes will work best […]

Fake and Counterfeit Vibram Fivefingers: Please Spread the Word!


Quick post here to help spread the word that a lot of websites are popping up that are selling fake/counterfeit Vibram Fivefingers shoes (this has been noted recently by Vibram themselves – see letter at bottom of post). If you see a website purporting to be selling the Vibram Fivefingers at a steep discount, in […]