Running Destination: Woodstock, VT

My wife and I don’t often travel without our kids. In fact, the last time we went away together alone was over 5 years ago! However, now that my youngest son is old enough to not need constant parental attention, I proposed the idea of a two-night getaway to celebrate both Mother’s Day and my […]

Marathon Training Update: A Lesson in Perseverance From My Son

Some weeks life aligns in such a way that running becomes secondary to other, more important/essential pursuits. Such it was that what was supposed to be the final big week of this marathon training cycle aligned with my final week of classes, final exam prep, and office/lab clean-out and packing. I’m giving a final exam […]

Fixing My Wife: Hip Pain, Neuroma, and Hoka Oh My!

My wife Erin is a source of much personal frustration. The frustration doesn’t stem from any particular aspect of our relationship (thank goodness!), rather I am frustrated with her as a runner. I just can’t seem to fix her. I have to be honest – my wife was a serious runner long before I ever […]

Leaving Academia: One Chapter Ends, Another Begins

One day last summer I had lunch with my friends Nate and Brett at a local burrito joint. During the course of our conversation the topic of my uncertain future had come up. Nate, an entrepreneur who followed his passion for motorcycles into a new career, said something that really stuck with me. I don’t […]

A Post In Which I Air My Excuses for Not Running Enough this Winter

I now remember why Spring marathons have always been my nemesis. Back in early January I was full of motivation – the winter had gotten off to a relatively tame start (continuing a 2-year pattern that I expected would hold), and I was coming off of a great summer training cycle plus a Fall in […]

What Motivates Me: Story of a Student

I gave the first lecture of the semester in my Exercise Physiology class yesterday. As I always do, I started the course by talking about why human beings should be active, and how our relative inactivity in modern society can be linked to a host of health problems. I discussed our evolutionary history, and talked […]

A Word of Thanks and A Look to the Future

Santa Claus icon (Photo credit: Wikipedia) About a month ago I wrote a post about how I needed to take control of my exceedingly busy and stressful life. I’m happy to report that I’ve decided to take my future by the horns and wrestle it in the direction that I think is right for me […]

Step Outside Your Comfort Zone: Yoga, Running and Life

I never thought I’d say this, but I went to a yoga class today. A real yoga class, with mats and music and mantra chanting and sweat and everything you’d imagine would come along with doing yoga in a studio. You see, my wife Erin is a yoga instructor and has been a yogini for […]

Contemplating Runblogger’s Future: Something’s Gotta Give

clock clipart sm 5cm (Photo credit: you get the picture) People have occasionally remarked that they can’t imagine how I’m able to manage everything that I do. As if being a tenured Biology Professor, Department Chair, and parent of three active young kids isn’t enough to fill my time, I’ve layered on top of that […]

Running More = Running Better?

It’s been awhile since I’ve written a post about my own running, and since this is and always will be a personal blog, I thought I’d take a few moments to share something I’ve learned over the past nine months. I was listening to an NPR podcast interview with New York Times Phys Ed columnist […]