Nike Free 5.0 v2 2014 Photos: Is This the New Free?

Update 3/14/2014: Nike has officially introduced the 2014 Nike Free shoes. Click here for images and details on the Nike Free 3.0 v6, Free 4.0 v4, and Free 5.0 v2.

While writing my Nike Free 5.0+ review earlier today I came across a notice on Nike ID that the update to the 5.0+ was coming soon (not such great timing on my review – teaches me to wait 6 months!).

After publishing the review I did a bit of poking around with the help of Google and found a post on Sneaker News that has pictures of what appears to be the Free 5.0+ v2 via a UK retailer called End Clothing – never heard of the store before.

Nike Free 5.0 v2 blueNike Free 5.0 v2 grayNike Free 5.0 v2 yellow

In typical Nike fashion the shoes look great, and it appears they feature a fully redesigned sole. Instead of the siped square pattern, they are now using hexagons, and it looks like the sipes in the heel may not be quite as deep as in previous versions of the shoe (they only extend about halfway through the midsole in the photos versus all the way in the Free 5.0+ v1).

Here’s another photo showing the sole that I found on

Nike Free 5.0 v2

Anyone seen this shoe in person? Curious what the release date might be.

Update 3/14/2014: Nike has officially introduced the 2014 Nike Free shoes. Click here for images and details on the Nike Free 3.0 v6, Free 4.0 v4, and Free 5.0 v2.

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  1. Lightning Racer says:

    Some of the photos are mirror images/flipped. The “0.2″ is the mirror image of 5.0. You can see the mirror imaged Nike logo on the tongue of the shoe in one of the photos as well.

  2. Corey Singletary says:

    Looking at that sole design, I would think that that the interlocking hexagons would limit torsional flexibility.

  3. Kevin Schell says:

    Here’s a link to more info on the 2014 Free line-up:
    link to

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