Kids and Minimalist Running Shoes: Great Running Times Feature

If you’re looking for information on whether to consider putting your kids into minimalist running shoe (and my answer would be yes, you should consider it, as well as lots of barefoot time), you need look no further than the September 2012 issue of Running Times Magazine. In the issue of RT, my good friends […]

Why heel-toe drop can mean different things for different running shoes and different foot strikes

A measurement that has come to dominate a lot of discussion about running shoes these days is heel-toe drop. Simply defined, heel-toe drop (or simply “drop”) is the difference in outsole+midsole+insole height (known as stack height) between the heel and forefoot of the shoe. In other words, it compares the amount of “stuff” between your […]

Leisure Trends Group Releases June 2012 Run Specialty Retail Sales Report

In addition to being a shoe addict, I also like observing sales trends in specialty running stores. My go-to source for this info is Leisure Trends Group, and earlier this month they released their report for June 2012. Here’s an excerpt: Sales of all running shoes (road, race and trail) reached $53M in June, 15% […]

New Balance MT10v2, MO80, and 1210 Trail Shoes and MR10v2 Road Shoe Preview Videos from Running Warehouse

Earlier this month Running Warehouse posted preview videos of three new trail shoes set to be released for Spring 2013. First, the Minimus Trail (MT10) gets an update which includes aspects of both the upper and sole. Sounds like they addressed the tendency of the upper to soak up water like a sponge, though I’m […]

Brooks PureDrift Preview Video from Running Warehouse

Just came across a preview video for the forthcoming Brooks Pure Drift on Running Warehouse – looks like a promising shoe, particularly curious about the insole construction!

Merrell Mix Master 2 Trail Running Shoe Review

Last December I wrote a first impression review of the Merrell Mix Master trail shoe. My thoughts on the shoe at the time were positive, but shortly after I wrote it the Mix Master started to disappear from on-line shoe stores. I was a bit puzzled, but soon found out that there had been a […]

adidas adipure Gazelle Review: Very Impressive “Natural Running” Shoe

A few weeks ago I wrote a post introducing adidas’ “natural running” adipure line of shoes, and included some thoughts on the adipure Adapt, which looks and feels pretty much like a water sock. I liked the feel of the Adapt, but from an aesthetic standpoint it was severely lacking. However, I had high hopes […]

Study: Impact Loading Rate in Running Reduced by Adopting a Midfoot Strike

A new study was just published in the European Journal of Applied Physiology that showed that adopting a midfoot strike is an effective way to reduce the impact loading rate during running. The study was conducted by a group from France and Canada (including my friend Blaise Dubois) and is titled “Impact reduction during running: […]

The Benefits of a Running Coach: My Experience So Far With Caleb Masland and Team Wicked Bonkproof

About a month ago I got a message on Twitter from a local runner in NH who was looking for a coach. I’ve been thinking about trying my hand at a bit of coaching, so I initially offered that I’d be willing to give it a try if they were up for working with someone […]

Great 2013 Trail Running Shoe Roundup by Bryon Powell of iRunFar

Quick post to alert you to a fantastic article by Bryon Powell of iRunFar. Bryon attended the Outdoor Retailer Show and wrote up his thoughts (with photos!) on a wide range of trail shoes set to be released in the coming months (and a few road shoes – including the New Balance Minimus Hi-Rez). In […]