Merrell AllOut Rush Trail Shoe Review

I first saw the Merrell AllOut Rush at a meeting with the brand in Spring 2013. They were introducing the new AllOut line, and the emphasis was on added cushion while retaining some of the features that people like about the Merrell Barefoot/M-Connect collections. I was intrigued by the shoes since I’ve always felt that shoes […]

Merrell AllOut Rush and AllOut Fuse Running Shoe Previews

(Update: I have now reviewed the Merrell AllOut Rush here) In the comments section of my post yesterday on why I run in minimal shoes, the Merrell AllOut collection came up. I haven’t posted much about this line yet, but I got a chance to try them on back in May and I’m really looking […]

Merrell Ascend Glove Trail Shoe Review and Six Pair Giveaway!

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to fly out to Portland, Oregon to attend an insights meeting with Merrell Footwear. Merrell has organized a meeting like this each year for the past 3 years, and they basically invite a collection of individuals throughout the running footwear world to solicit feedback on trends, marketing […]

Merrell Ascend Glove Review on the Runblogger Forum

One of the shoes I’ve been eagerly anticipating getting ahold of is the Merrell Ascend Glove. The Ascend Glove appears to be something like a trail version of the Bare Access, featuring a luggy, protective sole and 10.5mm of zero drop cushion. A contributor on the Runblogger Forum, Vitarunner, just posted a pretty comprehesive review […]

Merrell Proterra Sport Review: A Nice Hiking Shoe That Needs a Bit More Flex

There was a time when I used to hike a lot. I spent a summer working in Great Smoky Mountains National Park and got to the point where I could almost run up mountains with a frame pack filled with wooden boards on my back (I worked on a salamander survey crew and we used […]

Micro Review: Merrell Torrent Shell Jacket

I tend to focus my efforts on reviewing shoes here on Runblogger. However, if I had had to identify a second love it would probably be jackets. Unfortunately, there’s really not that much to dissect when it comes to most running apparel. Most don’t really affect your performance all that much, and a bad jacket […]

Merrell Trail Glove 2 and Pace Glove 2: Update Details and Photos

The Merrell Trail Glove was among the first shoes released in Merrell’s Barefoot collection, and it remains one of the most popular. After almost two years on the market, the Trail Glove is getting an update – I recently received a press release from Merrell with a photo and details regarding the release of the […]

Merrell Ascend Glove Preview: Zero Drop, Cushioned Trail Running Shoe

When I wrote up my 2013 minimalist running shoe preview last week I alluded in the comments to a new shoe coming from Merrell that I didn’t yet have clearance to discuss (was asked to hold off for a week). Well, Running Warehouse has now let the cat out of the bag on the RW […]

Merrell Bare Access 2 Review by Biker Nate

One of the guys I talk to the most about running shoes is my buddy Nate Sanel. Nate lives in the next town over from me, and we share an obsession with running shoes. In many ways, we complement each other nicely since he’s a trail ultrarunner and I’m primarily a road runner. As such, […]

Merrell Bare Access 2: First Impressions and Giveaway

One of the things that I like about the Merrell Barefoot line is that they use the same last for all of the shoes in it. For example, today I spent the entire work day in a pair of brown leather Tough Gloves, and then finished the day with a 4 mile run in the […]

Merrell Mix Master 2 Trail Running Shoe Review

Last December I wrote a first impression review of the Merrell Mix Master trail shoe. My thoughts on the shoe at the time were positive, but shortly after I wrote it the Mix Master started to disappear from on-line shoe stores. I was a bit puzzled, but soon found out that there had been a […]

Merrell Bare Access Running Shoe Review: Zero Drop, Cushioned, and a Great Fit

This afternoon I ran 14.2 miles in the Merrell Bare Access shoes. This was the longest run I’ve done since the 2011 Boston Marathon, and the first run longer than half-marathon distance that I’ve done in a zero drop shoe since probably 2010. I’m happy to report that the run went very well, and the […]

Women’s Running Shoe Reviews: Merrell Barefoot Pace and Dash Gloves

Merrell has been putting a lot of effort lately into producing and marketing minimalist shoes for women, with multiple offerings in the running, training and casual categories. Most recently, they initiated a campaign called “Pretty Strong” with an associated website geared toward encouraging women to experience minimalist footwear. Below is a video that they produced […]

Merrell Barefoot Road Glove Running Shoe Review and Giveaway

If you’ve followed this blog for any length of time you’ll know that I’m a big fan of Merrell. I like their shoes, I like the company, and I’ve had nothing but positive interactions with the people who work there. Over the past year I’ve done quite a bit of running in the Merrell Trail […]

Merrell Mix Master Lightweight Trail Running Shoe: Preview and First Impressions

Merrell made quite a splash in 2011 at the minimal end of the running shoe spectrum with its Merrell Barefoot lineup. The Merrell Trail Glove is a fantastic shoe, and remains one of my personal favorites, and they have a selection of zero drop shoes more suitable for road running coming out in the next […]