Kid’s Sneaker Recommendations: Altra Instinct Jr. and Merrell Mix Master Jam

I’ve been asked a number of times recently for recommendations for kids shoes. When it comes to kids, I advocate for as minimal a shoe as necessary for the intended use of that shoe. I don’t believe kids shoe be wearing stiff, constricting, shoes with highly elevated heels, and I try to put this belief […]

Altra Instinct Jr.: Wide, Flat Shoe For Kids Coming Soon

I’ve known the guys who started Altra Running for a long time. In fact, I had some conversations with one of the founders before they even launched their first shoe. One of the things they told me way back then was that they wanted to bring a wide, flat shoe for kids to the market. […]

Video: Ohope Beach School Kid’s Cross Country Race

Running should be fun, right? That’s the message I take from the video below, which shows a kid’s cross country race held by the Ohope Beach School in New Zealand (see video below). Looks like a beautiful place, and love that the kids are mostly running the race barefoot! Ohope Beach School Cross Country 2011 […]

Minimalist Kid’s Shoes: What My Children Wear

I get a lot of questions about minimalist footwear options for kids, and it’s a topic that I’m very passionate about. I feel strongly that kids should be in shoes that respect natural foot shape and allow for normal function and development. With that in mind, I thought it might be worthwhile to write a […]

Kids and Minimalist Running Shoes: Great Running Times Feature

If you’re looking for information on whether to consider putting your kids into minimalist running shoe (and my answer would be yes, you should consider it, as well as lots of barefoot time), you need look no further than the September 2012 issue of Running Times Magazine. In the issue of RT, my good friends […]

Outside Online Article on Minimalist Shoes for Kids

Just read a great article by Katie Arnold over on Outside Online on a topic that I feel very strongly about. The article, titled “Mini Minimalists: Are Barefoot Shoes Good for Kids?”, addresses whether minimalist/barefoot-style shoes are appropriate for kids. I particularly love this quote: “…if we can encourage kids to run naturally, the way […]

Set Your Piggies Free: When It Comes to Kids and Shoes, I Couldn’t Agree More!

As a parent of three kids who love being barefoot, this song just makes me happy.

Nike SMS Roadrunner: A Toddler Shoe with a Flat, Flexible Sole

Today is my son Benjamin’s second birthday. As a full-blown toddler, he’s going through a period of remarkable transition – he’s learning to run, talk, joke, express displeasure, and to use the word “mine” about 100 times per day. As a parent who has a fascination with footwear, this is a particularly difficult time as […]

Kid’s Running Form: Under-6 200m Race Footage from the 2011 Stanford Invitational

Steve Magness just tweeted a link to an awesome video of the kid’s under-6 200m race on the track at the 2011 Stanford Invitational. Steve’s quote introducing the video really hits the nail on the head: “After watching this under 6 200m…kids know how to run/sprint… if only we didn’t screw them up!” Watch them […]

Proper Shoes for Kids: Thoughts From a Family Doctor

A few months ago I published an interview I conducted with Dr. Mark Cucuzzella. Mark is a family physician at Harpers Ferry Family Medicine in WV, an Associate Professor at West Virginia University School of Medicine, and the owner of Two Rivers (TR) Treads, the nation’s first minimalist-only running store. Like me, Mark has a […]