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Nike Volt Collection: The Bright Yellow Shoes Seen on Athletes at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London

Nike Volt Collection 1Over the past few days I’ve been asked multiple times to identify the vivid yellow shoes adorning the feet of many of the Track and Field athletes at the 2012 London Olympic Games. It’s actually not a “shoe,” but rather an entire collection of shoes from Nike collectively referred to as the “Nike Volt Collection.” You can find full details about the collection from Nike.

Below are some photos:

First, the shoes likely to be of interest to readers of this blog are the distance flats, which include the Nike Flyknit Racer (now available for purchase at, Zoom Streak 4, and Lunarspider R3 (photos via Nike):

Nike Volt - Flyknit Racer, Zoom Streak 4, Lunarspider R3

Next up, distance spikes: Nike Zoom Victory Elite, Nike Zoom Matumbo 2, Nike Zoom Mamba 2

Nike Volt Collection 2

Next are the sprint shoes: Nike Zoom Superfly R4, Nike Zoom Ja Fly, Nike Zoom Maxcat 3, Nike Zoom Celar 4

Nike Volt Collection 1

Finally, the field shoes: Nike Zoom LJ 4, Nike Zoom HJ III, Nike Zoom TJ 3, Nike Zoom PV II, Nike Zoom Javelin Elite, Nike Zoom Rotational 5

Nike Volt Collection 3

Visit to purchase the Nike Flyknit Racer, Zoom Streak 4, and Lunarspider R3.

Flyknits are now also available at Finish Line:

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Nike Flyknit Racer

Nike Flyknit Trainer

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  1. do you think nike will ever go zero-drop on a road running shoe?

  2. So that’s why all the shoes looked alike!

  3. George from Manteca says:

    Pete have you tried the new fly knit shoe? I have the trainer wish the toe box was a bit wide, lower heel drop and not so narrow other than that it is great very light.

  4. i like neon colors…but seriously…i feel like i’m looking at the same shoe, saw a 1500 men’s race with ONE guy not wearing the same spike…it’s boring and annoying lol

  5. Cool collection! I used to use my racing flats as shot put shoes (I’m a former heptathlete) & cross country runner too. Needed real spikes, high jump and long jump shoes though. And training shoes too. Of course these all look fun to wear around everyday too. @Trprunner

  6. papa panda says:

    Is it possible to buy the bright yellow Nike rotational zoom 5, just like the ones in the picture? If yes, where?

  7. Mark Cucuzzella says:

    Just saw these in a running store in Florida…way too narrow in the forefoot and tapered at toes. last time i checked a foot does not look like that. Mark Cucuzzella

  8. Dont forget the Saucony Endorphin MD3! pretty sure I saw them on Duane Solomon in either the semi or quarter finals for the 800m.

  9. Trigrandmatry says:

    Great color! Could you comment on Kinesio tape. Seems that all the athletes at the olympics are wearing it…Do you think it helps, when, where? Thanks

  10. Kyle Jump says:

    The Nike shoe worn by American Will Claye, what style of shoe are they??? Initially I thought they were Zoom Streak 4 but the Nike tick is different as well as the pattern…

    Thanks in advance

  11. Kevin Isaac says:

    Great collection, loving all these, the color combination is perfect, after the Olympics lots of people are talking about these, simply amazing.

  12. Oliver Jackson says:

    Thanks for the article! Out of the sprint spikes-Nike Zoom Superfly R4, Nike Zoom Ja Fly, Nike Zoom Maxcat 3, Nike Zoom Celar 4. Which would you reccomend for a 400m runner?

  13. Jon walsh says:

    Where can I get those pole vault spike I really want them!!!!! Please anyone I want them haha

  14. salbanese says:

    Why do you think people are buying and wearing these bright colored shoes so much? What made Nike and other brands start producing these styles? If anyone has some inside information or just thoughts, I would love to hear what you have to say. Thanks.


  15. Is it possible to get the yellow colour in the
    nike zoom long jump 4 spikes because
    I really want them but i can’t find them anywhere

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