Triathlete Chris Lieto’s "Living Cover" Photo Shoot for Outside Magazine

Thanks to Kathy S. on dailymile for posting this – very cool video showing what the magazine of the future might look like with continuing development of new technology like OLED. The Outside Magazine piece features triathlete Chris Lieto – just watch it!

Minimalist & Barefoot Running Podcast Episodes


If you are a new reader of this blog, or have found me through one of the search engines (welcome!), I’d like to point you toward a trio of podcast episodes on the evolution of running in humans and minimalist/barefoot running that I’ve put together that complement one another nicely. As a new podcaster, I’d […]

I’m a Runner, Not a Jogger, But Does That Really Matter?


Shortly after I first started running regularly a few years back, an advertisement appeared in Runner’s World Magazine that left me shocked and a bit angry (it was actually one of several in a series of related ads). The ad was for Pearl Izumi running shoes, and the title was “We Are Not Joggers.” To […]

Runblogger Podcast #14: Barefoot Running: Report on My First Barefoot Run


This podcast episode is a companion to a blog post I just published that documents my experience of running my first fully barefoot run. You can view the blog post here: In the podcast I pose a number of questions for those who are more experienced barefoot runners than I am, and I’d love […]

Barefoot Running: Thoughts on My First Barefoot Run


Image by dhammza via Flickr I’ll start this post by saying that I’m a firm believer in the value and benefits, both mental and physical, of minimalist running.  I run mostly in lightweight trainers (

Introducing the dailymile Team – Myself Included!

I’ve talked quite a bit on this blog about a website that I belong to called dailymile. In a nutshell, dailymile is a social training site for posting workout data, and has an interface that is similar to Facebook, with the major exception being that it is geared directly toward active people who value exercise […]

Running Shoes Sale: 15% off All Shoes at

I apologize for the blatant advertising here, but a sale is a sale and this is a pretty good one. Besides, I have to support by blogging activities somehow! Anyway, is currently running a 15% off promotion on all shoes from now until April 30th, 2010. You can click on the banner below, and […]

Winter Fitness and Running Goals – My Report Card


Image by capegirl52 via Flickr Way back in early November of last year I wrote a post in which I set down a series of running/fitness goals for the winter. Now that Spring is just around the corner, I though it would be a good time to take a look at how well I did […]

Review of SportTracks for Garmin Forerunner GPS Watches: Great Free Program for Downloading Garmin Data


I’m a huge fan of the Garmin Forerunner GPS watches (see my review of the Garmin Forerunner 205/305 here), and I get a lot of questions about how I access and manage data collected by these devices. I made a decision early on based upon research done on-line to use a program called SportTracks instead […]

Runblogger Podcast #13: Starting a Running Blog (or Podcast)


This is the first in what I hope will be an informative and helpful series of posts on starting a running blog and/or podcast. As a relative newcomer to both (I’ve been doing this blog for just over a year, the podcast for a few months), I’ve been through a lot of the challenges involved […]