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What Does Tenure Mean

I recenly received the wonderful news that the college I work at had granted me tenure. For most academics like myself, earning tenure is the pinnacle of your career. It is what we dream of while toiling away as graduate students in a dank, windowless research lab (or in my case, a lab encrusted with […]

The Power of Parenting II: A Lesson Learned

As any parent knows, teaching lessons to your kids can often be frustrating. Most of the time, the lessons we teach are either basic life skills (e.g., how to brush your teeth; how to read), or lessons about personal safety (e.g., don’t jump on the dog when it’s sleeping; your little sister is not a […]

The Power of Parenting

I recently finished the book “Freakonomics” by Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner, and one of the final chapters in the book argues that what parents do has much less influence than they might think on how their kids will turn out. Rather, they support the idea that most outcomes that can be attributed […]

A Winter Treat

As I mentioned in an earlier post, this New Hampshire winter has been has been a tough one. Although snowstorms have not been frequent, we have had a few whoppers that have dropped significant accumulation. This has also been one of the colder winters I have experienced up here, and the snow that has fallen […]

Gear Review: Wii Fit: – First Impressions

It was about a week ago, and with a great deal of excitement and curiosity, that I first set foot upon the Wii Fit Balance board. Here are my initial, and somewhat superficial, impressions: My first step after booting up the software was to create a profile for my Mii and to run through a […]

Running Gear Reviews

Below are reviews of products that I have either purchased myself and think highly of or that have been sent to me free of charge to try out. Other than a product sample, I do not accept payment in exchange for reviews. If you are interested in having me write a review of your product, […]

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