Running Through Parenthood: More Tips From my dailymile Friends on How to Stay Active With a Baby in the House

About three weeks ago, just a few days after my son (third child) was born, I posed the following question to my friends on dailymile: “Help a new parent!!! As a father of a newborn, I’m looking for suggestions of how to handle training with a baby in the house from those who have been […]

Exercising With a Baby in the House: Tips for Parents on How to Stay Active

A few weeks ago I posted a question on dailymile asking how people managed to stay active with a newborn baby in the house (my current challenge!). In addition to the great responses I got in the comments after my post, I also received a very thoughtful message from my dailymile friend Christina H. of […]

Barefoot Run #2 – Much Better, But Still Not Sold on Barefoot Running

Image by Getty Images via Daylife About a month and a half ago I ran my first fully barefoot run, and it was clear from the comments I received on that post that I had picked a horrible set of conditions in which to do so. It was cold, wet, and dark, and there was […]

Casio Exilim EX-F1 Camera Review: High-Quality, Affordable Slow-Motion Video for Athletic and Biomechanical Analysis


I have a fairly long history of working with high-speed (i.e., slow-motion) video. As a graduate student, I did my dissertation research in a lab that specialized in locomotor and feeding biomechanics of animals, and to do these types of studies, the ability to film at very high frame rates (200 frames/second and up) was […]

Casio EX FC-100

While the EX-F1 is a great tool for my research lab, its nearly $1000 price tag and SLR-ish size make it an unlikely choice for the average user who simply wants a pocket-size camera that will allow them to play around with slow motion. Given my positive experience with the EX-F1, I went ahead and […]

Barefoot Ted on Barefoot Running in the Seattle Times

Below is a short video of Barefoot Ted giving some of his thoughts on barefoot running to the Seattle Times. This video was included with an interesting article on barefooting titled “Barefoot running gains traction among hard-core runners.” The article in the Seattle Times was written by Maureen O’Hagan.

Vibram Fivefingers Bikila in the Boston Marathon

Italian runner Corrado Giambalvo ran the 2010 Boston Marathon in the just released Vibram Fivefingers Bikila. Here’s a video of Corrado being interviewed before the race by Vibram CEO Tony Post (he finished the Boston Marathon in a time of 3:23:27). CEO Tony Post and Corrado Giambalvo at the Boston Marathon from Vibram5fingers on Vimeo.Vibram […]

Ryan Hall in Slow Motion from the 2010 Boston Marathon


Two of my students went down to Boston on Monday and filmed a good chunk of the marathon for me in slow motion. Here’s a video to whet your appetite – Ryan Hall is most definitely a midfoot striker, and what a thing of beauty that stride is! This video was shot at 300 frames/second […]

Spirit of the Marathon

Marathon Monday is perhaps the biggest day of the year for endurance runners, but if you don’t get a chance to watch the race in Boston, this video might just be the next best thing: Spirit of the Marathon.

Nike Free Run+: Corrections and Additional Thoughts


I apologize for writing yet another post on the Nike Free Run+, but for some reason this shoe has made me think a lot about what a barefoot-like running shoe should be, and this post clarifies and corrects some of the points that I have made in previous posts. I wanted to first send out […]

Wired’s Crappy Review of the Nike Free Run+: Ignoring Running Science and Themselves


In my previous post (On Minimalist Running Shoes: Vibram has Balls, Nike Dropped Them), I expressed my disappointment with Nike for the direction they appear to be heading with their Free line of “barefoot-simulating” running shoes. In particular, I feel that marketing of the new Nike Free Run+ as a “barefoot-like” shoe is disingenuous, particularly […]

On Minimalist Running Shoes: Vibram has Balls, Nike Dropped Them


Earlier today I wrote a blog post about Nike’s release of the new Nike Free Run+. As I was driving home, I got to thinking about why I was disappointed by this shoe (these are the things I think about, and yes, I do have a problem…), and this post began to crystallize in my […]

New Nike Free Run+ Featured on Nike Running Blog


The newest incarnation of Nike’s Free line of running shoes, the Nike Free Run+, is now featured on the Nike Running website (see image to the left from the Nike Running Blog). Here’s how they introduce this brand new shoe (quote is from “Barefoot running. Everyone’s talking about how great it is, but is […]

On Qualifying for the Boston Marathon: My Quest for a BQ


Image via Wikipedia What follows is an except from a post I just published to the dailymile Community Blog: If you asked me 5 years ago what the letters BQ stand for, I would have had no idea. Back then I was overweight, out of shape, and the idea of qualifying for the Boston Marathon, […]

Pearl Izumi Puts Clothes on Uranus

This is a great add for Pearl Izumi that was posted by my friend John H. on dailymile. It’s good to know the your anus Uranus will be covered.