Study Suggests that Barefoot Running Transition Injuries are Uncommon – What Do You Think?

While reviewing abstracts from the recent ACSM meeting I came across a study that looked at transition injuries among barefoot runners. The study tracked 109 runners and found a fairly low incidence of musculoskeletal injury among them as they transitioned to running barefoot. There are a number of issues relating to the results that are […]

Why I Didn’t Include Vibram Fivefingers in My Updated Minimalist Shoe Guide


I recently updated my minimalist running shoe guide, and rather than trying to list every minimalist shoe out there right now, I opted instead to recommend what I feel are some good options in several different categories. Right after the post went up, several people on Twitter asked me why I had not included any […]

Barefoot Running Carries Risks and Rewards: Should You Stick to Shoes?


Ultramarathoner Gordy Manuel stands at the starting line of the Wounded Knee 100-Mile Trail Ultra. Above the ankles he looks like any of the others who are milling around, waiting for the race to start, but a look further down reveals a striking difference: Manuel is barefoot. “I’ve run several hundred milers,” says Manuel, “but […]

Barefoot Running Pros and Cons: Some Thoughts from and Interview on


I was recently interviewed about my book, Tread Lightly, by Samantha Chang of One of the topics that she asked about was barefoot running – specifically, she wanted me to discuss some of the pros and cons of running barefoot. I’m admittedly not much of a barefoot runner (pretty tough to do for about […]

1908 Book Discusses the Ideal “Barefoot Shoe”

“…no material comfort can equal the luxury of a well fitting, broad-toed, flexible, heelless shoe. Of course, the secret is that a good barefoot shoe enables us to walk naturally and to find in simple natural exercises not only health, but sanity and happiness as well. If I were a fairy and asked to bestow […]

Are you ready for minimalist running?–Self-Assessment video from Jay Dicharry and Running Times

Running Times just posted an excellent video by physical therapist and gait expert Jay Dicharry that discusses some self-assessment techniques that you can use to determine if you are going to have an easy transition to more minimalist running shoes or barefoot running. I’ve become a big believer in the importance of balance and proper […]

University of Colorado Study Determines that “Running in lightweight, cushioned shoes is equally as efficient as running barefoot.”


The big news in the world of running science over the past week was the release of a study from a locomotion lab at the University of Colorado. The study, titled “The metabolic cost of running barefoot vs. shod: is lighter better?”, was headed up by Jason Franz, and was co-authored by Corbyn Wierzbinski and […]

Vivobarefoot’s “Barefoot is Best” Campaign: Another Example of Marketing Twisting Science


A few weeks ago a study was released out of Daniel Lieberman’s lab at Harvard (to give due credit, the lead author was Adam Daoud) showing that forefoot strikers on the Harvard Cross Country team suffered half as many injuries as heel strikers. I’m not going to get into the details of the study here […]

Tackling The 10 Myths Of Barefoot Running: Article on Podiatry Today


Image via Wikipedia My buddy Tuck over at the Yelling Stop Blog just posted a link to an interesting article published recently on the Podiatry Today website. Authored by Dr. Nicholas Campitelli, a podiatrist from Ohio, the article discusses the “10 Myths of Barefoot Running.” Dr. Campitelli is actually a minimalist running advocate, and he […]

Podcast: Physiotherapist Blaise Dubois on Running Injuries, Form, Footwear, and Barefoot Running


Back in August I traveled to Colorado to participate in a panel discussion at the Newton Running National Retailers Summit. The keynote speaker at the event was physiotherapist Blaise Dubois, who is an advocate for minimalist footwear. Blaise knows the scientific literature on running injuries as well as anybody I have met, and has treated […]