Under Armour Speedform Upper Construction Video


Update 7/10/2013 – just published my review of the Under Armour Speedform.

One of the soon-to-arrive shoes that I’m really excited about trying is the Under Armour Speedform. I’m a big fan of shoes that allow me to run sockless, and as the video below demonstrates, the Speedform looks like it is designed to meet that preference. The shoe is reminiscent of the Saucony Hattori and Adidas Adipure Gazelle, both of which I like a lot, though I had problems with the Hattori sole (abrasion under the big toe) that prevented me from running much in them. I should have a pair of Speedforms soon and will let you know how they perform!

Here is the video:

Update 7/10/2013 – just published my review of the Under Armour Speedform.

The Under Armour Speedform can now be purchased at UnderArmour.com and at Amazon.com in a variety of striking colors:

Under-Armour-Speedform-Blue21 Under-Armour-Speedform-Green10
Under-Armour-Speedform-Orange10 Under-Armour-Speedform-Red10
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  1. Cody R. says:

    lol, just take off the upper, attach sole to bottom=zero drop

    oo….attach a huarache sole to the bottom…that’d be interesting

  2. Cody R. says:

    interesting, reversible upper….

  3. mbyouknowme says:

    I bit the bullet and paid full price (well, slightly discounted) for these. First time my total has ever come to over $100 for a pair of shoes (I tend to buy clearance at ~50)

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