Dirty Runner: A 37 Mile Run Through the Desert

On January 23, in the midst of another cold weather patch, I posted the following on Facebook. “I’ve never minded winter before, but I have found myself today fantasizing about running all day in the warm woods. I have a lot of airplane miles, where should I go?” A lot of great suggestions came in […]

A Post In Which I Air My Excuses for Not Running Enough this Winter

I now remember why Spring marathons have always been my nemesis. Back in early January I was full of motivation – the winter had gotten off to a relatively tame start (continuing a 2-year pattern that I expected would hold), and I was coming off of a great summer training cycle plus a Fall in […]

Foot Function, Ankle Dorsiflexion, and Minimalism – Oh My!–Guest Post by Greg Strosaker

I’ve known Greg Strosaker for several years, originally through dailymile.com, and now as a fellow running blogger over at Predawn Runner. Greg and I have discussed footwear frequently in the past, and about three years ago he wrote a post here on Runblogger about his move into neutral footwear. Greg has since broken the 3:00 […]

Amby Burfoot on Energy Return in Running and the adidas Boost Midsole

A bit over a week ago adidas introduced their new Boost midsole technology. Based on mechanical testing, Boost is touted as providing the best energy return of any cushioning material currently incorporated into a running shoe. This finding was confirmed by Runner’s World Magazine, who put the shoe to the test in their shoe lab […]

What Fatigue Looks Like

I’m teaching Exercise Physiology this semester, and my lecture topic on Thursday is fatigue. As I always do, I start the lecture with a video that demonstrates extreme fatigue pretty vividly, thought I’d also share it here!

New Balance MT110WR Winter Running Shoe Review

The New Balance MT110 is a trail shoe that held  lot of initial promise for me, but was done in by a sole that was overly built up under the lateral forefoot. This caused my feet to tilt inward simply standing in the shoes, and led to a bout of posterior tibial tendonitis after a […]

Brooks PureDrift Running Shoe Review

I’ll start this review by saying that I am loving the Brooks PureDrift, but with a big caveat. That caveat is that I didn’t love the shoe out of the box, and I needed to make a modification for the shoe to work for me. So let’s start with my problem. The Brooks PureDrift is […]

My Problem With the adidas Boost Marketing Approach

Time for a bit of a rant, hold on tight. My Wednesday mornings are typically reserved for Daddy-dates with my 2-year-old son. Sometimes we hang out and play trucks, sometimes we go out on an adventure. Today we decided to hit what he likes to call “the gym” (it’s a gymnastics training center that doubles […]

adidas Officially Announces Their Energy Boost Shoes

adidas Energy Boost Collage via Runners.fr A few weeks ago I wrote a post about adidas’ new midsole technology that is being referred to as Boost. They formally introduced the Boost sole material in NYC today, and video of the event was streamed live. I just finished watching the video and a few things struck […]

Teach Every Child About Food: Jamie Oliver TED Prize Talk

One of the projects I’m about to get involved in is to help the PTO at my kids’ school organize their second annual 1-mile fun run. I ran the “race” last year with my children, and we all had a blast. I got to watch my oldest son blaze the first half in the lead, […]