Video: The Barefoot Runner

Thanks to my buddy Tuck over at Yelling Stop for posting this – always good to not take ourselves to seriously!

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  1. Bhahahahah! So awesome! Thanks for sharing!! 

  2. Johnsauletta says:

    You’re feet need punishment!

  3. ;)

  4. That was awesome!

  5. Whotrustedus says:

     This was almost great.   some very clever bits, for sure.   i would have liked to see him do some damage to his feet and get some strange reactions from strangers     The looks i get from folks when i run bf make all of the nicks & scrapes worthwhile! 

  6. OMG! this was hilarious!!!

  7. No shoes, but he needs gloves and eye protection?

  8. Lindsay Knake says:


  9. ”Do you know what are worse than running shoes? Minimalist Running Shoes” That kind of hurt. hahah

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