The Oatmeal on the DOs and DO NOTs of Running Your First Marathon

Great comic from the Oatmeal on running marathons – click the image below to read the whole thing. The comic strip is from Matthew Inman’s upcoming book “The Terrible and Wonderful Reasons Why I Run Long Distances.”

Chaco Barefoot Z Preview

In a move that will surely elicit derision from those claiming that the minimalist footwear movement is dead, Chaco is releasing a new sandal that bucks the recent trend toward more maximal footwear: Chaco claims that the Barefoot Z sandal is the lightest, most minimal sport sandal ever created. Here’s what the brand has to […]

More on Man Parts and Running

I had no idea when I wrote my post yesterday on cold sensitivity in the man parts when wearing tights that it would be such a popular topic! In the past 24 hours the post has been viewed nearly 4000 times and has accumulated 91 comments and counting. Who knew! Well, it seems I’m not […]

Best Race Report Ever via The Oatmeal!

You may know Matthew Inman as a cartoonist who writes sometimes scathing, sometimes geeky, and often hysterical comics over at the popular site The Oatmeal. What I didn’t realize until last night is that Inman is also a pretty adept runner. I was searching for posts about ultramarathon shoes and came across a race report […]

Nike Has Had Enough of Minimalism

Wonder what the heel-forefoot drop is on these! Nike Air Max Women High Heel

Barefoot Running Club Video: Always Good to Laugh at Ourselves!

Strong language warning, don’t play this in front of kids!

Rudolph Injured, Flown to the University of Virginia Gait Clinic

With only a few short days left before Christmas Eve, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer was suffering an acute case of Achilles tendinopathy. Thankfully, physical therapist Jay Dicharry of the University of Virginia was on the case and it looks like he just might have managed to save Christmas. Read all about it here: Athlete Visits […]

Video: The Barefoot Runner

Thanks to my buddy Tuck over at Yelling Stop for posting this – always good to not take ourselves to seriously!