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More on Man Parts and Running

"I triple-dog dare you!"

“I triple-dog dare you!”

I had no idea when I wrote my post yesterday on cold sensitivity in the man parts when wearing tights that it would be such a popular topic! In the past 24 hours the post has been viewed nearly 4000 times and has accumulated 91 comments and counting. Who knew!

Well, it seems I’m not the only one who has touched upon the sensitive topic of pain in the privates and running in the past few days. Given the high level of interest in the topic, I thought it worthwhile to share a few other posts:

First, Neil over at The Lumberjack discusses how a vasectomy can cause issues for a runner. For example:

“I am down to almost no pain after about ten days. I’ve been able to run with no issues beyond my stitches occasionally catching on the fabric of my shorts. They’ve been doing that since the beginning but I trimmed one of the longer ones and that greatly reduced the number of instances where I was suddenly struck with pain.”

Check out Neil’s excellent post on this infrequently discussed subject here.

Next, some friends on Twitter (thanks Daniel!) just forwarded me an article ominously titled “Hypothetically Speaking, How Does One Treat a Scrotum Frozen to a Thigh?” The article might just have the best feature photo I’ve seen in a long time. Here’s an excerpt:

“‘For the scrotum to freeze to the thigh, the thigh skin would have to be at a freezing temperature,’ Schlegel says. That means the skin would be frostbitten. If that’s truly the case, then warm water should separate the scrotum from the thigh.”

To be fully prepared to deal with the situation should this unfortunate occurrence happen to you, I suggest reading the full article on Outside Online.



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  1. Was giving this some more thought, possibly more thought than is healthy..

    They say that it’s the sweat that kills you or freezes things together. So maybe we should ditch the shorts and/or tights compo and take a lesson from the inuit.

    Their traditional seal skin over clothes are designed to be loose when moving to let air flow through and allow sweat out, but when static the weight of the clothes traps heat in.

    Neither shorts or tights achieve this. So how about a pair of something like the “Ronhill Trackster Running Pants” instead? Something like those should do the trick. I believe some of the other brands do winter weight ones as well.

    There you go your running sartorial problems sorted! BTW who can tell me how sartorial as in elegance is related to sartorius the muscle?

    • I have had success with looser fitting running pants, but I only have one pair. May need to rectify that!

      As for the sartorius, are you referring to the etymology relating to it being called the tailor’s muscle?

  2. Wow … it was an amazing topic, and I think the whole ‘men in tights’ thing is not often discussed, so I guess I am not surprised it took off so well.

    I have to confess that after my vasectomy I held off running for a bit (don’t remember that well, it was almost 16 years ago) … but the materials used were different back then so I wouldn’t have had tech gear.

  3. Neil Fishman says:

    I wear Brooks windbriefs under my tights – pure gold!

  4. Been wearing old speedos (briefs) from swim team days, work great! Wear cheap thin tights when its 25/30 or above and fleece lined solomon ones under.

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