My Interview on Predawn Runner

A few weeks ago I interviewed my dailymile buddy Greg Strosaker on the dailymile Community Blog. Greg graciously offered to reciprocate, and he just posted the contents of an interview he did with me on his blog, Predawn Runner. If you have any interest in learning a bit more about me, including how I became […]

On Running Form II: Landing Under the Center of Gravity


Last week fellow running scientist/blogger Steve Magness put up a long, thorough post explaining his thoughts about “How to Run.” One of the things I found interesting about his post was his discussion of the use of “cues” to help one improve running form. Often, as Magness admits, the cues are an exaggeration of what […]

On Running Form, Variability in Elites, and What it Means to You (and Me)


Image by -nanio- via Flickr If there is one thing that I have learned in 15+ years of teaching and studying biology, it’s that variation is the norm rather than the exception. Variability is the reason why biology is sometimes called the “sloppy science,” and it’s the reason why undergraduate biology majors at my college […]

How to Run: A Biomechanical Approach by Steve Magness


Earlier this week I posted a quote from and interview Amby Burfoot conducted with famed runner and coach Alberto Salazar in which Salazar was quoted as saying: “There has to be one best way of running. It’s got to be like a law of physics. And if you deviate too much from that–the way I […]

New Balance Minimus: Information, Pictures, and Videos


One of the exiting new additions to the lineup of options for minimalist and reduced shoe runners is the Minimus line from New Balance, which I have written about previously here on Runblogger.. Set to arrive in stores in March 2011, New Balance is proceeding with a slow and steady roll-out of information on the […]

Alberto Salazar on Running Form: "There has to be one best way of running."

Image via Wikipedia Amby Burfoot recently posted the text of an interview he conducted with famed marathoner and Nike running coach Alberto Salazar on the Racing News Blog on In the interview, Burfoot asked Salazar a few questions regarding the thought process behind Dathan Ritzenhein’s recent change to a more midfoot/forefoot footsrike. Among the […]

Gear Review: Zensah Calf Compression Sleeves


One of the running trends that I’ve noticed over the past year is the growing number of people wearing and raving about compression sleeves and socks. Compression product manufacturers like Zensah have effectively used social media sites like Twitter to expand their user base, and a number of my on-line running friends love their products. […]

An Awe Inspiring Performance: 100 Miles for Andy O.


One of the great things about the sport of running is that I get to repeatedly witness good people accomplish truly amazing things. I’ve written a lot on this blog about the power of the internet to bring like-minded people together, and so it was last year that I met a guy named Andy O’Brien […]