Wired’s Crappy Review of the Nike Free Run+: Ignoring Running Science and Themselves


In my previous post (On Minimalist Running Shoes: Vibram has Balls, Nike Dropped Them), I expressed my disappointment with Nike for the direction they appear to be heading with their Free line of “barefoot-simulating” running shoes. In particular, I feel that marketing of the new Nike Free Run+ as a “barefoot-like” shoe is disingenuous, particularly […]

On Minimalist Running Shoes: Vibram has Balls, Nike Dropped Them


Earlier today I wrote a blog post about Nike’s release of the new Nike Free Run+. As I was driving home, I got to thinking about why I was disappointed by this shoe (these are the things I think about, and yes, I do have a problem…), and this post began to crystallize in my […]

New Nike Free Run+ Featured on Nike Running Blog


The newest incarnation of Nike’s Free line of running shoes, the Nike Free Run+, is now featured on the Nike Running website (see image to the left from the Nike Running Blog). Here’s how they introduce this brand new shoe (quote is from inside.nike.com): “Barefoot running. Everyone’s talking about how great it is, but is […]

On Qualifying for the Boston Marathon: My Quest for a BQ


Image via Wikipedia What follows is an except from a post I just published to the dailymile Community Blog: If you asked me 5 years ago what the letters BQ stand for, I would have had no idea. Back then I was overweight, out of shape, and the idea of qualifying for the Boston Marathon, […]

Pearl Izumi Puts Clothes on Uranus

This is a great add for Pearl Izumi that was posted by my friend John H. on dailymile. It’s good to know the your anus Uranus will be covered.

Hood to Coast the Movie: Running Documentary Coming this Summer

A new feature-length running documentary is coming to theaters this summer. Hood to Coast follows four teams during their running of the 197 mile Hood to Coast Relay – given my current desire to run in an event like this, this movie looks like a can’t miss. Here’s the trailer: Hood To Coast Trailer from […]

Cross Country (XC) Racing Flats as Minimalist Shoes


If you were to ask me how I would define “minimalist” when it comes to running footwear, I would say that there are four factors that are most critical: 1. A minimalist shoe should be lightweight – in fact, the lighter, the better. My personal rule of thumb is to look for shoes that weigh […]

Running the Relay for Life: Recap

Image via Wikipedia I honestly had no plans of running a spring marathon this year – didn’t take long for that resolution to go out the window. On Friday night, an evening that started at dusk with me running alone in heavy rain and ended with four of my students running under a bright blue […]

Running the Relay for Life to Support the American Cancer Society

Image via Wikipedia My posting (and running!) frequency has dropped considerably this week for reasons that are clear if you read my previous post on this blog. Last Friday saw the arrival of a new family member in my life, and I’ve been quite busy juggling baby duty with work, as well as putting in […]

New Member of the Runblogger Family: Baby Ben has Arrived!

I wanted to take a quick break from running related posts to alert you to some great news in the Runblogger family – baby Ben has arrived! What follows is an excerpt from a post I just wrote (on a new blog called Daddy Duty) about the events of the past few days. “I didn’t […]