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Below are my collected posts that relate to running shoes – includes running shoe commentary, previews, and reviews.

To view my current recommended running shoes (barefoot-style, minimal, and transitional) with links to reviews, view my “virtual shoe wall.”

About Peter Larson

This post was authored by Peter Larson. Pete is a recovering academic who currently works as an exercise physiologist, running coach, and writer. He's also a father of three and a fanatical runner with a bit of a shoe obsession. In addition to writing and editing this site, he is co-author of the book Tread Lightly, and writes a personal blog called The Blogologist. Follow Pete on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and via email.


  1. Hi–

    I would like some opinions about transitioning to minimalist shoes. Here’s the story: I have had plantar faciitis for 2+ years and it is finally easing up. I tried to ease into barefoot running this past summer — it was going o.k. overall, but I started to develop some slight achilles tendonitis. I have run in my old Brooks Beasts with orthodics, but I feel I should be approaching this with a more appropriate shoe. A running shoe store worker suggested K-Swiss, but I am awash in all the new models, and could use some advice from those of you who have also been making the transition to minimalist shoes.


    • Pete Larson says:

      Are you looking for something moderately minimalist to help with your
      transition? If you like Brooks, the Launch is a nice shoe, and I’m a
      big fan of the Saucony Kinvara right now. The Kinvara is a bit lower
      in the heel than the Launch.


  2. Megynlansing says:

    Hi, I am thinking of trying out the Saucony Grid Type A4 and the Brooks Racer ST5. I have been running in Evos and occasionally Kinvaras. I have arthritis in my big toeso I need a little more shock absorbsion than just bare feet. I realize that the Brooks has more drop, but do you have any input on either one of these shoes?

    • Pete Larson says:

      Kinvara will protect you more than the A4, so I wouldn’t go there if you
      want shock absorption. I haven’t worn the ST5, so not sure about that one.


  3. Cody Rowan says:

    Pete, I have been in a transition to minimalist shoes for a while now and am thinking about mixing a zero drop shoe into my lineup. I have read most of your shoe reviews and have found them very helpful. I have in fact bought the kinvara after reading your thoughts and I absolutely love them. I also run in the mt101. Not as minimal as I would like, but I can still manage a mid to forefoot strike. Thoughts?


    • Pete Larson says:

      Tough one as there are several decent options. The Altra Instinct, Merrell Trail Glove, and Saucony Hattori would be the 3 I’d recommend first. They all differ in certain ways, so it would come down to personal preference. I should have reviews of all three linked on the blog sidebar.


  4. I’m in the process of working down toward a more minimalist shoe. The local running store suggested stepping down with the Saucony Guide 5 with an 8 mm heel drop to start. I’ve already noticed a huge improvement.

    Is there any advantage (or disadvantage) to buying a lower heel drop (like the Kirvara) and running one run a week in those to make the transistion easier, while continuing to run in the guide 5s?

    Maple Grove, MN

    • Pete Larson says:

      Sure, that’s more or less what I did. Slowly mix in less and less shoe. You can even keep a regular rotation between the two shoes going forward to mix things up – no need stick with just one shoe!

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  5. I like all of your shoe reviews. I am doing my first marathon in January (Disney) and I am trying to see what shoe is best. I am partial to ASICS but you don’t have any reviews on that brand. How come?

    • Pete Larson says:

      Asics doesn’t have very many minimal options that meet my preferences, maybe just the Hyperspeed and Piranha.

  6. Pete. Youre too hung up on shoes that are close to the ground. I wouldnt recommend to anyone running a marathon to go with a minimalist shoe. Minimalist shoes that are close to the ground create too much negative energy and promote accelerated cases of injury, fatigue and longer recovery. Low offset is key in natural running. Not flat hard shoes. I run in Hoka. I hold a 7:20 pace post fade in a marathon. I’m 42 years old and still run sub 3hr marathons. Ironman is mostly my thing but I wouldn’t be able to do it in any other shoe on the planet. In the first week I owned a pair of Hokas I increased my mileage by 15 with no repercussions in recovery. I run 75 – 100 miles per week. If I ran in any of these minimal shoes I would have to amputate my feet from the pain. I like your blog. It’s accurate in regards to the shoes you talk about and I don’t question your ability at all. But the Hoka shoe and its performance is something we all need to take a serious look at and retool our method of thinking about shoes that are so close to the earth.

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