Attending a Running Injury Conference in Sheperdstown, WV


Why runners get hurt is a question that occupies my mind almost constantly. It’s amazing that so simple an activity can cause so many problems for so many people – for example, the scientific literature reports injury rates ranging from about 20-75% of runners in studies that have been conducted to date. In my quest […]

Vibram Fivefingers Success Story: Robert K.’s Experience in Toe Shoes


Image via Wikipedia The January 9th issue of the Boston Globe featured an article by David Abel recounting his story of running into a stress fracture in his Vibram Fivefingers. David’s story is certainly not unique as I have read reports of a number of cases of this happening. However, I have also received numerous […]

Stories of Success Running in Vibram Fivefingers: Sgt. R. and Bob H.


A few weeks ago I posted a testimonial from reader Bob C. about his experience transitioning into minimalist running shoes. Bob managed to eliminate some nagging pain by changing his shoes and form, but also suffered a stress fracture in the process that he attributes to doing too much too soon. Bob’s was just one […]

Forefoot Width in Running Shoes: Toebox Measurements from My Shoe Collection


I get a reasonable number of questions about width when it comes to running shoes, particularly the width of the toebox. Personally, I like a toebox to be roomy, and despite my fairly average width foot, there are shoes that I’ve purchased that I have had to return since I could barely squeeze into them […]

Merry Christmas to All from the Runblogger Family!


Just a quick note to wish everybody a happy holiday season, and to thank you all for a great year! Looking forward to another fun and exciting year in 2010! My kids helped me make a little Christmas card…

Saucony Hattori Zero-Drop Wear Testers Wanted


Last week I put up a short post about a new minimalist shoe that Saucony currently has in development. The Saucony Hattori is a 4.4 oz, zero-heel-lift shoe that represents one of the first forays by one of the big shoe manufacturers into the zero-drop market. Shortly after publishing my post, I received an email […]

Help a Running Researcher – Fill Out Jay Dicharry’s Barefoot Running Survey


Jay Dicharry of the SPEED Clinic at the Center for Endurance Sport, University of Virginia is conducting a survey of barefoot runners and is looking for your help. If you run barefoot as a regular part of your training (doesn’t have to be 100%, or even most of your miles), please consider following this link […]

A Quick Word of Thanks on Thanksgiving Day


Image via Wikipedia On a holiday where we here in the United States stop to say thank you for all of the good things that life brings us, I wanted to take a quick moment to thank all of you who read my often lengthy ramblings here on Runblogger. Your comments, emails and support are […]

Make a Difference on Thanksgiving Day: Join the Feed the Turkey Virtual Turkey Trot!


Putting in a few miles out on the roads or trails is a Thanksgiving tradition for many runners. Some of us head out to local Turkey Trots and race with friends and family, and others run a few solitary miles to burn off some calories in preparation for the feast to come later in the […]

Running in Heels: My Strategy to Overcome Injury


I have a confession to make. I ran in heels. I did it on purpose. And it worked (I think). I’ve written a few times in the past week about how I strained something in my foot during the Manchester City Marathon. It had sidelined me for 5 days, and then flared up again on […]

New Balance Minimus Trail Shoe – New Pictures

Running Podcast Recommendation: Geeks in Running Shoes


When it comes to running podcasts, I’m more of a pick-and-choose based on topic kind of listener rather than a devotee of a particular show. Lately, however, one show has caught my interest, and I faithfully look forward to listening to the new release each and every week (I think I’ve listened to almost every […]

Freedom’s Run for Kids: Free Shoes Provided by Terra Plana Vivobarefoot


A few weeks ago I interviewed Mark Cucuzzella here on Runblogger. Mark is both a physician and the owner of a minimalist-only running store called TR Treads located in Sheperdstown, WV. In talking with Mark, I have discovered that we share a passion for getting kids active, and for making sure that parents make wise […]

Running Form and Shoes: Panel Discussion on the Runner’s Round Table


I’ve written quite a bit about running form lately, including posts on variability among elite runners, overstriding and footstrike location, and running gaits in middle-of-the-pack runners. Based upon this, Mark Ulrich of the Run In America blog asked me if I would be interested in participating in a panel discussion on Running Form and Shoes […]