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A Quick Word of Thanks on Thanksgiving Day

On a holiday where we here in the United States stop to say thank you for all of the good things that life brings us, I wanted to take a quick moment to thank all of you who read my often lengthy ramblings here on Runblogger. Your comments, emails and support are truly what keep me going.

Over the past year Runblogger has grown into something more than just a hobby for me, and it has been a time of personal growth in many ways, not the least of which is reconciling that running is my passion and that the time that I spend researching and writing about it is a worthy pursuit. Thank you all for helping to me come to this realization, and and I appreciate all of the kind words of encouragement that I have received.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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  1. Thank you too Pete. This blog has reinvigorated my passion for running… my wife is wondering what has got me worked up in buying and testing new running products for the last few months… sometimes when you have been doing something for over 20+ years you forget to add or test new things to get better… we get comfortable… thank you for waking up this area in me to test new things, even if it means falling on my face a few times. Happy Thanksgiving!!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving! I am thankful that you continue to write and keep my interest peaked. I know as a runner and a teacher you like to study the science of running, so I had a question for you. My friend told me that if I wanted to lose weight, I should stop my long distance running and work on HIIT or something else. I was told that long running doesnt just burn fat, but it also causes you to lose muscle. I thought it would only cause muscle burn after you ran out of fat. Do you know anything about this? Do you have a weight routine to keep you from losing muscle, if in fact you actually do?

    • Pete Larson says:

      As long as you have fat reserves and a supply of carbs, don’t think
      you have much to worry about with regard to losing muscle. I don’t do
      much weight training, mostly due to lack of time, but can’t say I’ve
      noticed any muscle loss. If anything, my legs have more muscle than
      they ever have. That being said, I have also read work that suggests
      that interval training is good for weight loss. My take is that as
      long as you are active and monitor your intake so that it is not
      excessive, weight loss will come.


      On Friday, November 26, 2010, Disqus

  3. Happy Thanksgiving! We are the ones who should thank you for so much you have given to us with your blog. You are a reference in this area.
    Best regards,
    Sergio (Brazil)

  4. paulakiger says:

    Nice post and sentiments, Pete. I have learned a lot from you and appreciate your thoroughness and dedication.

    I AM pretty shocked that this didn’t turn into a lengthy treatise on how the first Thanksgiving was clearly a minimalist activity, from a footwear standpoint, but there’s always Thanksgiving 2011.

    Enjoy the rest of your holiday weekend!

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