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Running Form and Shoes: Panel Discussion on the Runner’s Round Table

I’ve written quite a bit about running form lately, including posts on variability among elite runners, overstriding and footstrike location, and running gaits in middle-of-the-pack runners. Based upon this, Mark Ulrich of the Run In America blog asked me if I would be interested in participating in a panel discussion on Running Form and Shoes on the Runner’s Round Table podcast. I happily accepted, and we recorded the episode earlier tonight.

Mark and I were joined by show host Joe Garland of the Run Westchester blog, Steve Magness of the Science of Running blog, and Jason Kehl of the Geeks in Running Shoes podcast.

Our discussion was wide ranging, and covered topics like our personal experiences with changing running form, how to identify and correct overstriding, the importance of the hips, the relationship between footwear and form, barefoot and minimalist running, and who should and shouldn’t consider form change. I encourage you to give it a listen!

You can view the show notes for this episode of the Runner’s Round Table or listen on-line here:

You can download the .mp3 file for the show by right-clicking and saving the file here:

Or, you can download the episode from iTunes here:

I’d love to hear what you think!

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  1. Pete – Thanks for participating to the Runners Roundtable last night, and as icing on the cake then proposing the addition of Steve and Jason – all of whom contributed hugely to our discussion. For *all* enthusiastic and dedicated runners Runners Roundtable is an ideal platform to easily get a virtual group on a teleconference to discuss anything/everything that relates directly or indirectly to running. Consequently, I’m looking forward to your additional future participation, and given your widely read blog serving as a focal point for other committed (or should be 😉 runners I’m hopeful some interesting topic of interest might be proposed and additional participants step-forward.

  2. Thanks for making this available. Great discussion!

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