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Attending a Running Injury Conference in Sheperdstown, WV

re-evolution_of_running_text_e103Why runners get hurt is a question that occupies my mind almost constantly. It’s amazing that so simple an activity can cause so many problems for so many people – for example, the scientific literature reports injury rates ranging from about 20-75% of runners in studies that have been conducted to date. In my quest to better educate myself on the topic of running injury, I decided to accept my friend Dr. Mark Cucuzzella’s offer to head down to Sheperdstown, West Virginia this weekend to attend a 3 day conference/course on prevention and treatment strategies for running injuries. Put on by the, the course should be a great learning experience for me, and my intention is to blog about the experience while there and/or after returning home. Stay tuned!

As part of the weekend event, Mark also invited me to participate in a public forum called The Re-Evolution of Running: Discover Pain Free Movement for Life. This event will be held at the Bavarian Inn in Sheperdstown, WV on Friday, January 28th from 7:00-9:00 PM.

Guest panelists include leading clinicians, researchers, teachers, writers, athletes, and footwear experts from around the globe (note, though I appreciate Mark’s sentiment below, I suspect that this little blog is not the world’s most widely read site on running innovation Smile):

Others who will be participating include:

Danny Dreyer

· Founder: Chi Running and Chi Walking

· Ashevlle, NC; Internationally-acclaimed injury-prevention coach, ultramarathoner and best-selling autho

Dr. Craig Richards

· Newcastle, Australia; General Practice, Sports Medicine, Runner

· One of world’s lead researchers on running injuries and footwear

Jay Dicharry PT

· Director SPEED Clinic University of Virginia

· International Authority on Gait Analysis and Running Injury

Dr. Peter Larson

· Professor of Biology St. Anshelm College New Hampshire, Marathon runner

· Author/host of world’s most widely read site on running innovation-

Blaise Dubois PT/Sean Cannon PT

· Quebec City, Canada; International Leaders in running injuries

· Authors and Instructors of over 40 international conferences

Jerry Lee

· Boulder, Colorado; Co-Founder and CEO Newton Running

· Innovator in first shoe company with primary mission of injury prevention. Ironman competitor

Ian Adamson, MS Sports Med/BS Biomechanical Engineering

· Boulder, Colorado; Director of Research & Education-Newton

· Ultramarathoner and 7 time world champ Adventure Racer

Dr. Daniel Kulund , USAF

· Chief Health Promotions Pentagon

· Physician, Innovator of Running Medicine. Opened first true “Runners Clinic” in the 1970’s.

Dr. Mark Cucuzzella,

· West Virginia University, Coach USAF Running Team, National Level Masters Runner

· National speaker/teacher of healthier running; sub 2:35 marathons in 4 decades

Brian Metzler

· Boulder Colorado; Editor Running Times

Jeff Horowitz

· Arlington, Virginia; Editor Competitor Magazine


For those wishing to dine at the premier Bavarian Inn call 304-876-2551

For more information contact Two Rivers Treads Center for Natural Running and Walking – phone: 304-876-1100

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About Peter Larson

This post was authored by Peter Larson. Pete is a biology teacher, track/soccer coach, and dad (x3) with a passion for running, soccer, and science. If you'd like to learn a little bit more about who I am and what I do, click here, or visit


  1. Andrew W. Lischuk says:

    I wouldn’t sell yourself short Pete. I greatly respect your input and check for post updates daily. I’m really interested to hear your feedback on the conference. We see a plethora of sports related, and running related injuries in our clinics at Yale, usually I diagnose them from behind an MRI monitor. I have always struggled with posterior tibial tendinitis but have for the most part overcome that by converting to a midfoot/forefoot striking pattern. Unfortunately, my zest for achieving the perfect form overwhelmed my patience and self discipline to do it gradually and I developed a bad case of achilles tendonitis which sidelined me for the past two and a half weeks. I would love to hear your take on diet and weight loss using running and finding that ideal running wieght. I’ve found that my own body is nearly injury free as long as I am below a threshold weight which I am about 15 lbs over as of now. I’m hoping to get below that magic number before my first marathon, Disney 2012. Keep up the excellent work.

  2. Vicki Capone says:

    Sweet! Thanks for the heads up. I am going to try to come to the thing at the Bavarian Inn Friday night.

  3. your link is listed as! make sure they fix it!

  4. I’m curious as to whether there will be any discussion of posture and spinal alignment as it relates to running injuries. Personally, after experiencing some IT band and PF pain while running, I started trying the Gokhale Method and focusing on posture improvements. The pain and inflammation cleared up in a couple of weeks, and my running form feels a lot more dialed in. A sample of one I know, but logically it makes sense that poor posture and misaligned hips could lead to pain in the lower extremities.

  5. FoCoRunner says:

    Looks like a great lineup. Wish I could be there… runbogger. :)

  6. Eric Johnson says:

    hey peter, any chance there are plans to video tape the lecture and post online?

    • Pete Larson says:


      The Friday night event is supposedly going to be recorded. I’m also going to
      try to record the audio and make a podcast out of it. Recording is off
      limits for the 3 day course though.


  7. Pete,
    sorry about the runbogger blooper, but maybe this could be your kids new site. And ditto on not selling yourself short. Your site is a portal of objective dissemination, interpretation, and reflection on the science of running. It is bold and refreshing when a citizen scientist takes this on with high quality…otherwise we would need to go to for info on healthy running (like going to to learn about the benefits of cholesterol lowering). As a doc I wish an honest forum existed for every questionable, harmful, and expensive medical intervention so this could be debated honestly and without bias. Look forward to meeting you and yes we will tape the Friday session.
    For those interested in future 3 day conference put your name in here. https://secure.therunningclini
    Mark Cucuzzella

    • Pete Larson says:

      Thanks guys, just feel like I’m learning all the time. Don’t like to
      think of myself as an expert or anything, just another guy trying to
      figure stuff out.


      On Tuesday, January 25, 2011, Disqus

  8. The Runnning Gator says:

    I have changed my running style dramatically in the past couple of years, including minimalist shoes. My big focus has been on not over striding (stepping too far past my hips), and I have noticed a big difference in how comfortable I am now able to go longer distances. Of course I have had to slow down a bit, but I am gaining that time back (just without the pain!). Is this a good principle to adhere by?

    • Pete Larson says:

      Yes, my gut feeling is that the single best thing a runner can do is
      knock out over striding. Fix that, and the rest may just be minor
      details. I probably use a variety of foot strikes when I run see days,
      but my stride is definitely shorter and quicker.


      On Wednesday, January 26, 2011, Disqus

  9. Dominiquederooij says:

    Great advise to be found in these comments. I would like to add that I am a stronger believer that a lot of injuries suffered by runners could be eliminated or prevented with the right type of gear.

  10. RunningPT12 says:

    Pete, what are you going to speak on at the conference?

    Wish I could come -unfortunately, my CEU’s this year are tied into the AMAA meeting at Boston during marathon weekend, so will fortunately get to listen to Mark C. and Dan Lieberman there this time around.

    • Pete Larson says:


      I spoke briefly about some of my marathon footage, and a bit at a public
      forum on my personal running story. Course has been extremely interesting –
      lots of PT’s here, and it’s very clear that the science behind the
      minimalist approach is gaining momentum.


  11. Chris korn says:

    My friend Amanda attended this and loved it. I have been very lucky to have attended a Natural Running Symposium and Clinic taught by Ian and Danny A.

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