Thoughts on Paying for Services in the Online Running World: dailymile goes PRO

One of the things that has happened as this blog has grown is that I get email requests from all kinds of people about all kinds of things. Some people write to ask me to spread the word about their blog. PR companies email to ask me to promote their products (many of which I […]

Garmin Sync on Dailymile: Upload/Import Data from Your Forerunner

I am both a longtime user of a Garmin Forerunner 205 GPS watch (2+ years) as well as an active member of the social training community on dailymile. Together, I’d count my Garmin and the dailymile community as two of the most essential parts of my running toolkit, and when I first joined dailymile about […]

Running Abe’s to Burn Donuts: How On-Line Silliness Translates into Real-World Motivation Thanks to dailymile

I’ve blogged on several occasions about my love for Twitter and dailymile as on-line sites that provide phenomenal motivation to keep me running. That motivation takes many forms, from the direct support of fellow runners, to the self-inspired desire to put in extra miles or a harder workout to live up to the bar set […] | A Great Site for Posting Workouts, Meeting Other Runners, and Getting Motivated to Stay Healthy

Over the past few months I’ve begun to explore the world of social networking full out. For people in my 30-something age range, sites like Facebook and Twitter have suddenly exploded, and it seems like just about everybody I know is on one or the other (I’m now on both – you can view my […]

Going Live: Website for NH Runners is On-Line

As part of my foray into the on-line world, I’ve been working on a website dedicated to providing information of interest to runners in the state of New Hampshire. While it is still very much a work in progress, the Run-NH website is now on-line and accessible at I decided to go live with […]