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Announcing Running Warehouse Europe

Running Warehouse EuropeIf you’ve been a regular reader of this website, you’re probably familiar with Running Warehouse. They are a large, online retailer of running shoes and gear, and have been an advertising partner of this site for many years – I’m grateful for the support they have provided me since starting this blog back in 2009.

One of the challenges I have had is finding a comparable running gear partner for readers outside of the US that offers similar service and selection. I’m happy to announce that Running Warehouse is expanding into the European market with the launch of Running Warehouse EU (headquartered in Germany). The site will look familiar to anyone who has visited the US site, though currently the selection of shoes available is not identical. I have been informed that selection will expand significantly as this year progresses.

Running Warehouse EU ships throughout Europe, and they offer free shipping with a minimum purchase amount that varies by country (see shipping details here).

As I have for the Running Warehouse US site, I have also arranged for a 10% off discount code for Runblogger readers at RW EU – enter RUNBLOG10 in the VIP code entry form at checkout to activate the discount (some brands are excluded).

Side note: Running Warehouse Australia is coming later this year.

You can visit the new site at or click the image below:

Running Warehouse Europe Screenshot

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  1. Good news for us in Belgium!

  2. Well, this is some great news for us, who live in Europe!
    Thanks for arranging the coupon for us, Pete!

  3. Excellent news. Now there is somewhere to actually buy Altra Instincts in Germany :)

  4. ross ludlam says:

    hi pete!

    i’ve been checking out the european site since a few months. it’s especially great news for fans of brands like altra, which were almost impossible to buy, unless you had a friend from across the pond who was willing and able to smuggle you a pair across (a great logistical undertaking in itself!).

    i’m particularly hopeful that as it expands, we see more of these kinds of brands available for sale at

    i have always loved their website, and have used it for shoefitr/heel drop guides for shoes, even though i couldn’t actually buy from them. but now i can, and i’ll certainly be using your discount code if it’s applicable. great news all-round. thanks!! :-)

    • Thanks Ross! I’m hoping that as they ramp up the site they will bring in additional brands and models. I was told that would be the case over the course of the year.

  5. This is not good for my running shoes addiction. I need a warehouse myself…

  6. Andrew says:

    I’d happily pay shipping, etc., to America if I could use this to order some of these shoes that are only available in Europe.

  7. Thanks so much for the support!

    Are there any other products that you want to see in Europe? No promises, but our buyers are open to suggestions!


    Marketing Manager, Running Warehouse

    • Ditsch says:

      I recently tried Salming running shoes here in Germany (a swedish brand) and was quite impressed, really good shoes in my opinion. I think their shoes are definitely worth to be available in more shops.

    • In that case I’d ask for more versions (colours) of New Balance Zante as it’s only available in one (the green-black version) at the moment. But perhaps that’s in the works? I notice that you do have other versions available on the american site.

      American site, New Balance:

      European site, New Balance:

    • Peter S. says:

      I would like to see more socks in EU version (Drumax, Swiftwick).

      PS: I agree with Ditsch, Salming make quite interesting shoes (I’ve just bought S. Speed). I’m not sure, but probably they are not available everywhere in EU.

    • I’m happy to see Altra on the list, but it seems you only offer 12 US (just checked Instinct 3). Any plans for 12.5 or larger?

  8. Hi Scott, I wish you would open a running warehouse Australia. At least in Europe you can already get most types of running shoes. Australia is a backwater, its next to near impossible to get speciality running shoes apart from very few select stores. And most shoe companies ban Internet shipping to Australia. Any online running shoe store in Australia that was even remotely competitive in pricing would make a killing.

  9. everything is way overpriced comparing to USA prices.

    • not really – the euro is very weak at the moment, and then you have to consider the price of exporting/transporting the shoes.

      for an example – altra instinct $110 in US, €120 in EU is almost the same price.

      if you want high prices, try shopping in UK – the same shoe is about £105 (at current exchange rate about €140/$160)!!!

  10. Great news for us Europeans, especially with crazy VATs in some countries, running apparel’s, and shoes’ prices are quite expensive. RW, however, has moderate prices, large stocks even on sale items, and no shipping costs (at least to my country).
    Only downer is the much stricter return policy compared to the US, but that was expected, seeing we’re in Europe, and it’s true for any business. You can only return unused items, which imo doesn’t make sense when you want to “give something a try”. RW’s no sweat return policy in the US makes much more sense.
    Not RW’s fault, though, and I already ordered two spare pairs of my trainers (Streak LT2) for less than the price of one expensive pair of kicks thanks to runblog’s code.


  11. u can’t leave reviews in this site
    will not trust them again-liars

  12. Has anybody ordered items from USA on Runningwarehouse.EU?

    Does the less than $200 of purchase for no duties and customs apply just fine?

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