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2015 Nike Free 5.0, 4.0 Flyknit and 3.0 Flyknit Released Today

Nike Free 5.0 sole bendOne of my favorite running shoes from last year was the Nike Free 4.0 Flyknit. In fact, the 4.0 Flyknit might be my favorite Free of all-time – my only real complaint was that the lacing put a bit of pressure on the top of my foot with extended wear.

In contrast to the 4.0, the 5.0 was a total bust for me. A band of material at the base of the lace row was too tight and dug into my foot. Sizing up did not help, and I was forced to return the pair that I purchased.

Today Nike releases the 2015 editions of the Free running shoes, with new versions of the 5.0, 4.0, and 3.0 hitting the market (they are now in-stock at the store). All three look to be upper updates that retain the sole of previous versions – this is encouraging as the issues I had with the 4.0 and 5.0 had to do with the uppers.

Nike Free 5.0 2015

The new Free 5.0 has a completely redesigned upper, and the band that dug into my foot in the 2014 version looks to be gone. Given my affinity for the Free shoes and the lower price tag on this one, this is likely to be the model that I’ll pick up among the three released today. MSRP for the new Free 5.0 is $100. Update 5/18/2015: View my review of the 2015 Nike Free 5.0 here.

Nike Free 5.0 2015 2

Nike Free 5.0 2015

Nike Free 5.0 sole

Nike Free 4.0 Flyknit 2015

The new 4.0 appears pretty similar overall to the previous version – looks like a slightly different lacing system and a different mesh over the midfoot region. Not sure if the differences to the upper are enough to make me splurge on a pair. MSRP for the new Free Flyknit 4.0 is $120.

Nike Free 4.0 2015 2

Nike Free 4.0 2015

Nike Free 4.0 2015 sole

Nike Free 3.0 Flyknit 2015

I never ran in the 2014 3.0 Flyknit, though I heard good things about it from a lot of runners.  Like it’s predecessor, the new 3.0 is constructed like a sock attached to a sole, with slight tweaks to the upper design. Looks like a slight change in construction of the ankle collar, and a different mesh under the laces and over the forefoot. I remain intrigued by this shoe, but the $140 price tag is just a bit too high for my taste.

Nike Free 3.0 2015 2

Nike Free 3.0 2015

Nike Free 3.0 2015 sole

All of the above shoes are now available for purchase at

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  1. Looking very good :)

  2. The 3.0s intrigue me. After enjoying the original 3.0 v1 and v3 I discontinued wearing the 3.0 when the v4 was to narrow for me. They hurt me. Do you have any idea about sizing Pete? I had to size up a half from v3 to v4.

    • Not sure on sizing for the new 3.0, but I go up a half in the 5.0 and 4.0 and would likely do the same. Nike PR actually contacted me about the new Frees so maybe I’ll get a pair to try, never been in touch with them before.

  3. If you are having trouble testing too many shoes, I’d be glad to take the burden of you with the Free 3.0s Pete! :)

  4. No!
    Once again the position of the toes isnt correct- they show upwards! I´ve been trying the NF 3.0 since version 4. First the upper was getting a hole from my big toe, only some 200km per shoe, than a new one… Than came the flyknit upper, I was amazed- yeah they fixed the problem. Then came the point, after 232km that I understood that these shoes are bad for my toes, making them stand upward. So my 5th pair of NF3.0 was the last… Great hopes, of course great sales… What do you think of the millions of young folks (Im 50) wearing that Nike air with an awful amount of stack height and totally stiff sole? Really great sales for Nike…

  5. Hi, I definitely will have to try it, the reviews for this shoes have been positive.

  6. I am a huge fan of the 3.0 Flyknits. I received a pair of the 2015’s in the mail yesterday and have to say the sizing has changed quite a bit. I wear a 12 in previous versions so I felt pretty confident in ordering the same with the 15’s. Nike did mention that the update would have a slightly looser weave and they weren’t kidding. My problem is the whole point of Flyknit is to have that infamous “sock-like” fit. I plan on exchanging my 12’s for 11.5 but may even have to size down to an 11. The new version also seemed bulkier to me but that may just be a result of the loosening. Wish they made a trail version of these. A little moisture on the road or light trail make for an interesting run. I’ll let you know how the re-sizing works out.

  7. I’d be interested in hearing from anyone who has run in the 2014 and 2015 version of the 3.0 flyknit. I used to love the 3.0 having used them for everything upto half marathon since v3, but for me the flyknit ruined them. The toebox shrank and they are just too tight.

    Have Nike sorted this do the 2015’s come with a bigger toebox?

    Really want to start liking these again as I’m struggling to find a new go-to shoe.

  8. I’m wanting to try one of the Frees. so where’s the best place to start? 5.0, since that seems to be the model closest to the traditional running shoe?

    I’m a big Nike fan, but I’ve been trying other models in recent yeas as Nike’s tinkering has made some of my favorite models too stiff. Used to love the Vomero and Pegasus, but don’t care for the newer models. Been mainly wearing Asics Nimbus & Cumulus in recent years, but am going back to Nike.

    Currently, I’m rotating two pairs of Nike Pegasus 30 (my favorite Peg. The 31 doesn’t work for me). and a pair of Zoom Elite 7’s. Got neutral biomechanics. Flexible cushioned trainers work best for me. More flexible the better. Mostly want good cushioning. I run 50-55 mpw but don’t race much anymore so I mostly just enjoy running for the sake of running.

    I’m not necessarily looking to go minimalist. More just looking to try something different. Is 5.0 a good place to start? This will be my first minimalist shoe.


  9. Do you know when the 2016 version will be released?

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