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Nike Pegasus 31 Video Features Slow-Mo Gait Footage of Mo Farah and Melissa Bishop

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 31Nike knows how to create killer marketing material, of that there is no doubt. I came across the promo video below for the new Nike Pegasus 31 a few days ago and thought I’d share – it features Mo Farah and Melissa Bishop, love the slow-mo gait lab footage!

I actually bought a pair of the Peg 29 earlier this year for a consulting project and wound up running in them a few times. Though they are more shoe than I typically wear, I actually enjoyed the ride since the very soft sole works well with my stride. My main problem with the Peg 30 was that the forefoot was so soft that my feet tended to cave the medial midsole as I reached max pronation (this led to abrasion on the ball behind my big toe).

I’d heard that the Peg 31 addressed this (and reduced the drop to 10 mm) so I stopped by my local running store to try them on and assess for myself – wound up buying a pair and ran 6.5 miles in them yesterday (having a new run specialty store in town has been bad for my wallet!). It’s a beautiful shoe with an impressive upper (the interior has a seamless liner that is very nice). Still more sole than I typically care for, but I had a solid first run. The shoe still has a soft heel, but the forefoot does feel firmer and had no noticeable issues with medial midsole caving. Update 6/30/2014: I have now published my full Nike Pegasus 31 review.

For more info, check out the Pegasus 31 page on the Nike website.

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  1. Looking forward to Peg 31 full review. Please address whether the toe box is roomy. Peg 29 works for me, Peg 30 too narrow. Thanks to your site for turning me on to Skechers Go Run Ultra nice a roomy. Just ordered a pair of Go Run Ride 2.
    Taking annual trip to East Burke Vt this summer – will check out running in Craftsbury – there is a great farm for begs.

    • Toe box width is ok, but a bit pointy. I find it uncomfortable sitting, but when I stand the weight compresses the softish insole and sole and creates more room. Comfortable to run in, wouldn’t wear them around all day. We’ll see if some break-in helps.

  2. It would be great of you compare it with NB 890v4 along the way..

  3. I tried the Pegasus but I didn’t like the way the heel slanted to the side. I went with the saucony ride 7. It is a pretty awesome shoe. I needed another shoe besides the adidas glide boost to use in my first 24 hr race next month. I wanted to like the Pegasus but the heel thing bothered me and when I tried on the ride it felt great as soon as I put it on.

  4. I have never tried pegusus! B|
    However, it’s time to get a pair, hope it to be next week.

    BTW, Thanks for the footage, loved it :)

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